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Monday's DT

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Happy Monday everyone. I hope that all of my American friends are having a wonderful Memorial day. Just another workday Monday here. The morning go off to a rough start, as there was major traffic and a lot of people were late.

I am so tired today - I have been so busy, especially this weekend, that I feel I need another weekend to recover. I spend all day Saturday at the gold medal and bronze metal games for the World Indoor Lacrosse Championships. Here is the order of finish
Gold - Canada
Silver - Iraquios National team
Bronze - USA
4th - Scotland
5th - Australia
6th - Czech Republic

Canada beat all of the teams they faced and the final score in the gold metal game against Iraquois was 21 to 4. That was suprising as Iraquois team is very good. Went out to dinner after with friends we haven't seen since January. Had a great time playing catch up. There is only so much you can cover on e-mails

Yesterday was the fan appreciation day for my fav lacrosse team - The Toronto Rock - 4 time NLL champs at the race track. I got to chat with the players and I also won at 2 races and the slots - I am $87 richer then I was yesterday.

Today is my niece's 1st birthday. We had a party for her yesterday. She only knows 1 speed - fast - she doesn't walk anymore, she runs. She had a good day and had fun ripping the presents open. She even liked some of the prezzies.

How was everyone else's weekends?
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Tuesday here , and I'm just popping into TCS whilst getting ready for school, I'm bathing "Destiny" after school today and buying a fan heater to dry cats because the old one went green and exploded I was so scared, I'm about to fed my 12 and Ummm yeah Hope everyone has a good day
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It's rained here on and off since Thursday. Had a minor basement flood last night, nothing too major, got the dehumidifier working on it.

Saw two adorable boys on Petfinder that I've sent an inquiry on, as it is an emergency situation. http://www.petfinder.org/pet.cgi?act...preview=&row=0 Seems the owner has lost 50% lung capacity due to allergies!! and needs to find a home for the boys very very soon. Will keep y'all posted. Need to win the lottery to buy another house so the cats can have this one
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I'm just hanging around the house. Bill got to work today and I don't know when he'll be home - not that it matters.

Went out for cigarettes and have done my nails. Nothing left to do except pack tomorrow's lunch.
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Thanks for the fun day today folks. I was able to post more then normal as my supervisor was not in! I am signing out now as I have a few things to do before I leave work in 20 minutes! Have a nice one!
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Talk Later Ady!.. Enjoy the rest of your day
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We are still priming the living room so we can paint.Royal pain!
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Did you ever decide on a color for the room, Sherral?
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I am looking for a warm tan color,the carpet is hunter green,couch and chair have green in it.Wall's were white at one time,we heated with wood last 2 winter's,we are puting in a pellet stove which is a lot cleaner!Just looking for the right shade of tan.The kitchen is going to be yellow.Here is a picture of the living room now
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kitchen now
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in the kitchen picture you can see how dirty the wall are from the wood smoke,the living room wall's are white,but look tan from,the smoke.with the new pellet stove that won't happen.The kitchen is going to be bright yellow. which is why I thought the living room should be a warn tan color.What do you think? My bedroom is seaform green,and the other bedroom is light blue,my bathroomis going to be the same green as my bedroom.
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The sun is finally coming out, after rain for most of the weekend. It was nice to have 3 days off. I did a lot of cleaning, and rearranging. We might be getting a new sofa (sectional) and it won't all fit in the living room! It's a small living room. So I cleared some space in our office, too. I thought it would make a nice comfy reading area.

Back to school tomorrow, only 12 days left with students, then a day to clean up and then vacation! My vacation is going to be teaching summer school, I hope, and taking 2 grad classes. I'll still get a few weeks off, so it will be good.

Sherral, good luck with the home improvements. Tan would be nice with your green furniture, I think. We have tan walls, with green curtains and sofa.
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Sherral, I think tan is a great choice. Have picked the exact color yet? Also, I think it would look really neat with a faux finish...like faux suede.
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Check this out Sherral!
You can pick a room on this site and change the wall & trim colors. Maybe this can help you pick out the right color! BTW, the color Pony is a beautiful deep and warm tan.

Plus, it's fun to change the room to some really cool colors.
Heres the link:
Signature Colors Virtual Tour
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Thanks Shell !!! That is great! I saved it so I can look more !
Thanks again!!
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We had such lovely weather today, sunny and warm. Still I somehow didn´t make it outside untill we decited not to go for a walk, but to some shops instead. One of them was a shop, where I had been told that had Winnie the Pooh baking pan, but it turned out they didn´t. If only I had checked that sooner. My son´s first birthday is next saturday, and I AM GOING TO make a Pooh cake!!! There was this internet site that has them, do you know of any?
Then we went to another shop to look at a Pooh laundry basket (to hang on the wall) and it was so ugly and "unPoohlike" , so we didn´t want it.
You may have guessed it - we are a huge Pooh fans!!!

Pollyanna´s 2 kittens are one year old today! I rang the famlily they went to up, to congratulate the birthday babies. Pollyanna and I were 5 days apart having our babies. I was so happy she gave birth before me, since I had to stay 5 days at the hospital (because of the c-section) and would not have want to miss the birth of the kittens.
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Happy Memorial Day everyone! Not much here, just having bonding time with my new baby! Oh, and today is mine and Alex's 6-month engagement anniversary. Hard to beleive it's been 6 months already since he proposed!
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This is the color my wall are going to be.Living room only satin
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Kitchen is going to be>>>>>>>>
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Nice color Sherral. Only question about that color is will it clash with the kitchen color? IMO, this looks a bit orangey. I'm sure it'll look different when it's on the walls though.

Have fun painting!
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Wow, Sherral, that kitchen color is bright! You'll be able to find things in there at night without having to turn on the lights!
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my bedroom& Bathroom
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Ooh, that's a pretty color. I like that! What color tiles are in your bathroom?

I was limited when I repainted mine, the tiles are sea green and black. The room had been painted green, but it was a bit overpowering. I painted it high gloss white, which made the room look bigger.
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Ya Shell it is going to be more tan than orange,I could,t get it right in my paint shop! Think more tan!
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LOL mom of ten cats! My cabinets are cherry,and I have a pato door on one side of the kitchen.I need bright color in the winter!
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Hmm, yes, I can see that. I have white appliances and cabinets in mine, my kitchen is yellow too but more of a gold.
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I have a garden tub which is white with hunter green tile,sink is white,with same green tile ,floor is white,shower is white,cherry cabints.
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picture of my tub wall's are not painted yet,will be the same green as my bathroom.
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this is a set of cabiants between my living room and kitchen
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Shell if you look at the thread Hissy about her horse'r the color of the 2nd one is the color I am looking for ,for the living room!A golden tan!
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