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Kidney Transplant?

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Does anyone have any clue about how much money a kidney transplant would cost for a cat?
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and you are typically required to adopt the donor cat permanently as well.
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I talked to UC Davis before about it with Yoshi and Stripe.
You have to adopt the donor cat and have your cat check all the time.
They have to be on meds for life after.
Yoshi and Stripe got rejected and my Coco doesnt qualify.

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Here's another great link that explains not only the financial aspects of kidney transplants, but also the ongoing medical, and emotional aspects.


I briefly considered transplantation for Cleo, when she was first diagnosed (at 6 months old), but decided that the medical and emotional aspects, as well as the travel invoved from Michigan, to a highly rated/highly trained transplant facility was more than I could afford, and more than I wanted to put her through. I've been so very lucky with Cleo. Her treatments have allowed her to live a very high quality life with her CRF. She will be 9 years old in May. I truly believe that my research and having a vet that will help me treat the renal failure as proactively as I possibly can (and being totally on board with my mission!) has helped Cleo positively thrive, even with CRF.

I will keep you and your kitty in my prayers... The very best thing you can do is to educate yourself, and find a caring and compassionate vet, who is willing to work with you all the way. Good luck!
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Is Lita getting worse?
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Originally Posted by carolinalima View Post
Is Lita getting worse?
Lita is doing pretty good now.......just looking at my options down the road.
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