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Jake-CRF cat

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My friend had to PTS her beautiful Maine Coon mix Jake this morning. He was the sweetest, fluffiest cat I've ever met. They fought hard and long against this horrible disease.

RIP Jake you are happy and healthy at The Rainbow Bridge.

You were loved and will be sadly missed.
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RIP Jake

Play free at the rainbow bridge
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So sorry about Jake.
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Rest in peace, Jake.
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I'm so sorry, Rest in Peace Jake.
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Play happily over Rainbow Bridge, dear Jake A MaineCoon is a wonderful addition for Heaven - we'll probably see some extra falling stars getting batted around the heavens!
condolences to all who loved you - I am sure that you were the joy of their lives
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Poor baby


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My deepest sympathy goes to your friend. I know what it's like to deal with CRF and I know just how horrible it is. My little Snowball and I fought this disease for 7 long years, and in the end, we just couldn't win.
RIP Jake and play happily at the Rainbow Bridge.
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R.I.P Jake
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