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Larissa went over the Rainbow Bridge this past Saturday. The cancer was very aggressive, and she had begun making it clear, we'd chosen the right time.

Despite the pain, and her usual tortitude, she was super affectionate, it was a gift to have her "hugs and kisses". I told her so often that she was my "huggy-kissy" girl in her 11 year life, that it came true (she used to hate to be held, would be sweet but distant and turn into a whirling dervish of a tortie a minute later).

Larissa was my "lumpkin-curl", a silly, saucy bits of a gorgeous seal tortie lynx point with white Curl...last kitten sired by my beloved Christopher, my youngest Curl, who I thought would be with us for years to come.

We miss you sweetheart, please give special headbumps to your grandmother Merv (you were the only other cat who was as elegant as her), your silly bumble-curl grandpa josh, your dad Chris....and Patrick, Tyler...too many of you are gone. I will see you again, in a blink of your eyes, it will be my time, and I promise many, many kisses, chin skritches, and tummy rubs.
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RIP Sweet Larissa
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I am so sorry!

Rest in peace, Larissa.
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I'm so sorry to hear this

Rest in peace Larissa, know that you will be missed
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I am so sorry,and what you wrote is very brought tears to my eyes.R.I.P Larissa
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My heart sank when I saw this thread.

Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge, Larissa.
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Oh Pat, Im so very sorry. I know you will miss her dearly.

Rest In Peace Larissa
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I'm so sorry for your loss, Pat. RIP Larissa, knowing how much you are loved.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. She sounds so sweet. Rest in Peace Larissa.
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RIP Larissa. Your post was so touching. I can tell how much you love your kitties.
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RIP Larissa
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Condolences on losing Larissa - she was such a blessing to you! I am so sorry that there has to be that terrible disease of cancer - it took my first JC when he was only 7yrs. Maybe Larissa and he are visiting my dear friends Grace and Michelle - both those ladies could never own as many cats as they wanted and I know they certainly deserve it
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Oh Pat, I didn't want to see this. You wrote a beautiful tribute and it's left me in tears.

Play happily over the bridge, Larissa. Mommy is missing you terribly.

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Play happily at the Bridge, Larissa! This world is a little less bright without you in it, especially for your Mommy who you blessed with those special tortie hugs and kisses.

Pat, I'm so very sorry to hear of your great loss.
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i'm so sorry you lost Larissa so early in her life... i know you've had other losses this year, which makes this one all the harder
a for Larissa...
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Pat, I'm so very sorry (((hugs))) my friend....and you're in my prayers.
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Thanks helps to talk about it where folks understand just how special the bond is that we form with our sweetlings.
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Oh i'm just seeing this now Pat i'm so, so sorry. You've had one too many losses


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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Oh i'm just seeing this now Pat i'm so, so sorry. You've had one too many losses


That is for sure, and Alix is not doing well. I hope to have more answers about her soon.
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Oh no, really?!

Many mega healthy coming for Alix
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I am so very sorry that Larissa has gone to the Bridge. I will say a prayer for her sweet little soul, and a prayer for you, during this difficult time...
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Oh We are so sorry Pat for this loss of lady Larrissa. I am peaceful inside though knowing she had you watching over her... and she couldn't have been in better hands or with another special shepherd like you to pass to the RB. Alix be strong! Hugs from S3 in our house to yous.
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i am so very sorry to hear this, and I do hope that things get easier for you soon, so many losses aren't easy, I know. RIP little one
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I`m so sorry for your loss

Rest In Peace Larrissa
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My condolences, Pat.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Larissa!
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Sorry I didn't get here sooner to post, Pat. You've had a really trying period lately. RIP Larissa
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I am so sorry Pat.

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