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Giving meds to a cat.

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So, Ohki has struvite crystals, high PH, and concentrated urine. The vet gave us Methi Form chewables, and she ate the first dose (1 and 1/2 tablets) with no problem. The next day she ate half of a chewable, and wouldn't touch the rest, so I crushed and mixed in with wet food and she ate it. The next day she wouldn't eat the tablets again, so I crushed and mixed with wet and she ate only half of that. So I mixed up a little water to moisten it and she ate it more. Then the next day she left a little residue behind, and the next day she left even more behind.

So the vet gave us Methigel. Ohki took a couple licks of her first dose, and then just left it. So I mixed it with some wet and she finished it. Then today I mixed it with wet again and she only ate half of it. So I just threw it out, and got a half of her dose on my finger and just scraped it onto the roof of her mouth. Does anyone have a better way to get her to eat her medicine?
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I am having the same problem with mine. I try to find his most favorite food crush it and mix it up but just a little bit so he'll eat it all. Most of the time it works, I know its not easy. Someone will have more suggestions for you. Good luck.
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Ugh, so, today she wouldn't even let me force it in her mouth, she actually clawed me. She almost never claws.
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The last few days I have been getting Kody when he is asleep (I feel mean), quickly forcing his mouth open and throwing a pill in. It doesn't work if he is awake and alert, but if I can catch him asleep and just surprise him before he has time to react, it is great! Good luck, it can be a nightmare!

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Did you say you had a gel form? If so, if you put it ON the cat, he/she will lick it off regardless of the taste. I'd put it on the leg rather than the paw (so he can't just throw it off), and watch the cat to see that he doesn't rub it off. I did this with my former cat for a few doses. It doesn't last long term.

There ARE meds that can be compounded into a cream that you rub onto the inside of the cat's ear and the meds are absorbed into the bloodstream that way. You might want to check with your vet to see if this med can be done that way.
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My preference is pills over pastes, because if they don't like the paste's, there's not much more you can do than what you are already doing. My second choice is liquid form, preferably in a tuna compounded flavor.

My Muddy also has crystals and high PH. He's on a daily pill supplement to balance his PH. So there are pills available to you if you find it easier that way.
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I took another urinalysis and her PH is still too high. I told the vet about the issues with getting her to take her medicine. I figured out the way to get her to eat them. I get the chewable pills, and crush them, then mix with water to make a paste. Then I syringe it into her mouth. Then right after I give her a can of food (so she'll love me again).
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You can try pill pockets (you can find these at petsmart) or putting it in her favorite food (peanut butter, cheese, whatever she likes). If this doesn't work, hold her face up towards the ceiling (not too far back), put the pill as far back in her mouth as you can, and hold her mouth closed. Stroke her nose, which will cause her to lick her, making her swallow. I hope this works.
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