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Evangers Game Meats cat food

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Does anyone have any experience with this brand? It comes in a variety of flavors, things like rabbit, buffalo, duck and pheasant. I just dont know if things like this are a good choice for cats.

Any thoughts?
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The only caution I have is that the 100% meat foods are just meat and no vitamins; therefore, they are not considered a complete diet and would require supplementation with another food or with supplements.
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I assumed that something like this would be a supplement. I never realized how important wet cat food is to the diet, I had a kitty live 19 years eating only dry!

I am just looking for options as I contemplate adopting a kitten in the next few weeks.
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Evangers is a good company.

At the time of the recall they were one of the few grain free and non-recall factory foods (at least as I was informed at the time).

Anyways their cat foods are ok, but their consistency went downhill last year and they added grain.
The food just got pasty, and my cat started rejecting it wholesale.

If you want to do a "Whole meat diet" check out these brands:
http://www.naturesvariety.com/instinct_cat_can (chicken and rabbit are great, and my kitties favorite)

There is also Wellness Core which is so new noone I know has tried it yet.

If you never fed a cat a wet only diet, better hope you have a dishwasher! Its a PITA with 2 dirty dishes a day.
I recommend getting a large set of Cornelle bowls for you and your cat to share

Besides health benefits, wet makes it POSSIBLE to control calories (one can is usually a cats daily intake) and aides in behaviour enhancement with food association.
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I was just looking at Natures Variety, thanks for the links!
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