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Need science diet alternative

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Hi everyone, my Little Miss has a bacterial infection and is on Albon and the vet gave me science diet I/D to feed her and would like me to keep her on it. i have 4 other cats and currently feed (for dry) Evo, Solid Gold or /chicken soup. For wet they get a variety of flavors from Merrick, Avoderm, Tiki, Wysong and Weruva. i do not think Science diet is a good food and was curious if any one knew if there is a food that comes close to the digestability of the science diet. the vet also belives she might have a food allergy and she does well eating the science diet but like i said i personally do not think it to be a quality food. any other food options?
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ooops I think I should have posted this in nutrition, could some one move it for me, i dont know how
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Science Diet I/D is a very different food than you will be able to find OTC. Until she's done with the Albon treatment, I'd keep her on it - as it is helping in digestion/to keep stools firm/prevent some vomiting (OK - those are what we generally use ID for at the shelter).

Long term - I/D isn't a solution. As for the allergies - seems weird the vet would suggest I/D for allergies? Normally they use Z/D or D/D for allergies.
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I guess I assumed it was an allergy, the vet said she has a very sensitive tummy and probably always will. she has loose stools, hence the I/D diet. so i was looking for a food thats gentle on the tummy but of a good quality.
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You need to have a sit down talk with your vet ( phone can work) ... voice your concerns but like White Cat Lover stated this is a RX or prescription and is like a medicine...My guess is the vet thinks the id will be easier on gi tract while still infected
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ahhh, that could be, i'll give a call and ask. she also mentioned giving yogurt as a proboitic but Little miss wont eat it so i have to ask her for a pill or powder form. Thanks.
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Sharky you were correct. I/D while on the albon then feed only 1 food that agrees with her.
I dont see and issue with one dry food but the same wet brand/flavor everyday will be a tough one. guess well have to figure out which brand is agreeable to her little tum-tum and take it from there.
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