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So, my hubsband and I decided to adopt a puppy; a newfie to be specific. We're going to be picking him up sometime in March, and I'm trying my best to get prepared...but I'm still wondering what are some good tips for introducing him to our kitty, Oriz?? Ortiz is 6 1/2 mths, and the last time he was around a dog he bullied him into a corner! It was weird, this little 2lb kitten had this 5 year old border collie trapped in a corner cowaring! So, since that experience I'm a little bit concerned. Any suggestions? Or similar experiences??

I've decided to get a gate, so that Ortiz can have access to the upstairs and kitchen without being bothered by the pup. Anything else? I also heard keeping the pup in his crate for a bit so he can go around and sniff him. I just don't want there to be a blood bath! And I REALLY don't want Ortiz to think I'm trying to replace him or anything like that. He's my baby!! Any help would be appreciated!! Thank you!