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Hello, do any of you give your cats vitamins? If so, what kind and in what form? Harry is prone to struvite crystals and hairballs. Plus, he's going on 7 years old, so I want to make sure he stays healthy and happy! I also have Maggie, who's only 1 1/2, but they share food and water bowls ... so whatever Harry gets, Maggie gets! Therefore the vitamins I choose should be good for both furbabies. Thanks in advance for your information!
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There are many foods and treatments for hairballs. I make sure to brush and comb my kitties often as well as a hair ball paste. The kitties love it and I have to give it to them one at a time as they will steal it from each other.

A high quality food will take care of all the vitamine requirments your cats will need. There is no reason to add to it.

I hope this helps!
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I give my kitties, PetGold Vita Tabs.. THEY LOVE THEM!!! I've noticed Softer Fur, Firmer stools, Nice Pink Nose and Gums, and No Hairballs, ETC! They are looking GREAT! WAYY better then before the vitamins. Before they looked washed out even with Natural Balance, Innova, Wellness, ETC Now they actually Look Healthy..
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