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Question Of The Day, Wednesday February 25th!

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Good Morning!
I was lazy this morning (my cold is still hanging on, and on, and on...) and I slept in later than usual!

Here's today's Question Of The Day!

Do you have a particular breed of cat that you are especially drawn to? If money were no object, do you think you would get one?

I totally love the looks of NORWEGIN FOREST CATS. I'm completely done away by their gorgeous long, fluffy fur, and their sweet expressions. I also love the looks of SELKIRK REX. I really know nothing about the breed, but fell in love with the looks when I saw one at a cat show (that curly fur is a hoot!!!....and incredibly soft!)

I'm not sure if I would own a pure breed cat, even if money were no object. All of my cats have been rescues (feral or animal shelter) and they've been the best pets I could ever have wished for. Perhaps I'd consider a retired Norwegian breeding cat...but probably, I'd just try to find a 'look alike' in a shelter. The little I know about Selkirk Rex (some history of PKD in some lines) makes me a little skittish. I know far too much about renal failure! Perhaps God would put one in my future, as He seems to give me CRF cats to care for, lol!
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I would get a Bengal . I would also buy myself another toy pomerainian. I miss my Sophie so much.
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I am a big fan of Norwegin Forest Cats, and Maine Coon Cats mainly because of the coloring. I don't think however I would purchase one knowing how many cats there are in shelters to choose from. I may not get a pure breed but I am sure I could get on to look pretty much the same.
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Well, I'm currently owned by a Norwegian, but I was raised by a Siamese, she taught me everything I needed to know.
I do hope to someday have another meezer.
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A Bengal for us!
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I think I would want a Devon Rex or Sphynx cat. I love their elegance.
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I would love to have a big fluffy Maine Coon

My 2nd choice would probably be a Ragdoll.
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I would like a Bengal and Neil wants a Norwegin Forest Cat as well.

There are some available in rescus for Petfinders but not many.
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I always wanted a Sphynx and have one now.
I also would love a Peterbald but i have found out they can only be shown in tica.
I love Bengals and Ocis also.
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Either we would get another Bengal cat or a Savannah. I am hooked on Bengals!!! The more the merrier!!
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I love them all, but I seem to be drawn to plain old orange tabby moggies.
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That's a tough one for me. Before I 'inherited' Anna (Bengal) I was thinking of buying an Oriental Shorthair. I had an ebony smoke OS years ago and really loved the breed. The other cats I've been drawn to are Cornish Rex, modern Siamese and Abyssinians. Now, I wouldn't mind another Bengal.

It's a moot point since the inn is now full.
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I can't say that there's any one breed I would especially want to have. I'd probably never deliberately go for a longhaired breed or a hairless one, though I doubt I'd ever refuse one, but no particular breed surfaces as a must-have for me. Now, DH is another story. I know he'd love to have a meezer again -- and I certainly wouldn't say no!
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I've always had rescues. Maggie was also a rescue and is a DLH. I kind of lean towards fluffy kitties. As far as breeds: Birman, Ragdoll, Persian, Himalayan, Maine Coon and Norwegin Forest Cat. Wait, there's some short hairs that are wonderful too like Siamese, Bengals.... gee this is a really hard question! Every time I think of a different breed - I want one of those! I love em all! lol
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I would love a ragdoll, a snowshoe, or a siamese.
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I LOVE Maine Coons. Rob and I thought about getting Maine Coons ... except for the steep price tag attached!

We thought Monte was going to look sort of like a MC, he had this long fur when he was a kitten. He just grew into his fur though

I wouldn't trade my 2 shelter kitties for the world though
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Turkish Angoras....I think they're soooooo stunning! (That's what my little rescue Isabella is)
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Id love an F1 savannah!

but our next is going to be adopted from the shelter, and then i want to get a ragdoll.
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