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revolution vs. frontline?

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revolution vs. frontline etc.
My vet told me that although Revolution is a comprehensive prevention and treatment for fleas, mites, and many types of worm, she won't recommend it since there were some documented problems with it. She recommends Frontline for fleas and Heartguard for heartworms.

But neither Frontline or Heartguard work for roundworm and mites. So my questions are:
1) what do people think of revolution?
2) if using frontline and heartguard, what else would I use for roundworm and mites protection? Didn't think to ask the vet while I was there...

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If your kitty is indoor only you won't have to worry about worms or mites. These are things they get from other cats.
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They are all good products. I have never had or seen a problem with the Revolution.
The few things to consider when deciding is the risk your cat is at. Depending on where you live, heartworm may not be prevalent. Of course outdoor cats are at a higher risk for fleas, ticks, worms, mites, and heartworm depending on where you live.
If you have an indoor only cat, I would use either frontline or advantage to protect against fleas. The chances of an indoor cat getting heartworm are so slim, that it's really up to you if you want to use heartworm prevention. If your cat is outdoors, I would use the Revolution just because of the overall protection.
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We don't have Revolution in New Zealand so I use frontline or advantage !
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