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Take the peanut recall seriously - pet foods on list

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I've been feeling funky on and off for the last week or so, and yesterday I felt downright rotten. I don't eat many peanut products so I hadn't looked up the recall list. Turns out I've been eating 2 flavors of Kashi bars that are on the list, and I just opened the box that I've been eating them from about the time when I started to feel funky. They were both innocent sounding flavors without peanut in the name (Honey Almond Flax and Trail Mix).

Here's the FDA site that links to the recalled products.

There are pet foods that have also been recalled. If nothing else, watch out for your critters.

I may just have a 24 hour stomach flu bug right now. If I don't feel better by this afternoon, I'm getting myself to a doctor.
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Oh no Amy I hope you feel better soon
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Amy i would still go to get checked out to be on the safe side

Lots of healthy coming your way chick
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I would get checked out as well in case this product is still floating around for sale somewhere.
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I bought the box around the time that the recall was issued and opened it up a few weeks ago. I haven't been really eating them until last week and this week. I've been blaming my feeling ill on all the anti-inflamatories that I've been taking for my surgery. But I'm not really taking much of anything any longer, and the symptoms got worse.

I called the doctor after I posted this morning and they asked me how fast I could get there. He told me the odds are against having salmonella, but since I have all of the symptoms, he sent me to a lab for tests just in case. It could still be a bad flu bug. I've lost 7 pounds since I've been eating those bars. And I don't think that a flu bug lasts 2 weeks (on and off of course). It will be interesting if I become a CDC statistic. I'm not sure that I've ever been one before.

I'm going back to bed to sleep this off.
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I couldn't find any pet foods on the list, do you what specifically has been recalled?
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Pet Food Product Recalls (scroll down).
, Amy!
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Oh my god I am so mad at stores, there are products that have been recalled that are still in vending machines and in gas stations...It's ridiculous. I really hope you feel better!!
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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
Pet Food Product Recalls (scroll down).
, Amy!
Thanks Tricia - I was too tired to link to it yesterday. I've just slept about 28 out of the last 36 hours. I'm completely wiped out right now.
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Oh Amy, I'm so sorry! Bless your heart, you've just had such an awful run of luck!

Thank you so much for the warning -- I had no idea the list was so long, and I did find a couple of items there that my mom and I have eaten in the past... but luckily, nothing we have in the house right now. And thank goodness, none of the kitty foods are what we buy, though I have to watch Mom carefully or she'll try out all sorts of weird things on 'em...

Amy, I devoutly hope you don't have salmonella on top of everything else. Major waves of vibes coming to you now... please be well.
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