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Daily Thread Hump day Feb 25th!

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Morning peeps!!

Well its going to be a mild one today...only 0 degrees!

Heading to work in a bit, then meeting Josh at the gym tonight.

Not much else going on though..I am boring

Have a great day folks!
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I'm working today. May make an emergency trip to the chiropractor on my lunch hour. I didn't get there yesterday because I got a ride home from the uniform store, plus the weather was really awful in the afternoon. We got quite a bit of snow.

After work I'm coming home and probably doing absolutely nothing!!
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I don't plan on much today either!!

I am still exhausted from work yesterday-you know when you are overtired/overstimulated and can't sleep? Well that didn't help either.

We had a promo at work yesterday where we gave out free small loaves of a new bread-YIKES!! The bakers made 580 loaves which we cut in half. We open at 7 and I came in at 7:45. We ran out at noon-then gave out about 250 rainchecks. Plus when I left about 4:15 we barely had anything left to sell-maybe about a dozen loaves and a couple dozen rolls. WOW! I worked my butt off.

Then I had a meeting at 7:15 so I stayed in town and that was a couple of hours.
I'm on call today in case it gets busy-the $$ would be nice but I need to relax!

So just going to read the paper, take a nap-nothing too straining.
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Morning All!!!

Sunny and mild here today.

Nothing special planned. I think however though since the weather is nice I will take a nice long walk after lunch.

I haven't been walking a whole lot due to weather and sidewalk conditions but both seem to be on my side today.

The kitties are tearing around the house like a bunch of banshees.

Everyone have a great day
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I is -28 C on my deck with a windchill it is probably about -35 C . I have to take my son to the dentist, to get spacers put in. He gets his braces on tomorrow. I think I will do some baking today. I am so sick of winter
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I have a job interview at a hospital at 1:30, then it's on to the gym. Other than that, it's LOST night!
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I'm in the middle of a long work day. I got in at 7:15 this morning and I'll probably stop around 5:15. Then maybe 1.5 hours in the gym, which is also here at work, so close to 12 hrs total. That's really by choice because I try to minimize my trips to and from work by working longer on the days I'm in.

Not too much on the agenda after I get home besides trying to figure out how to give Tre his new medication. I had it compounded into a tuna flavored liquid and he seemed interested at first, but once he got a taste he stopped licking it up. I may have to mix it with a little wet food to see if he'll eat it then.
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