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They won't stop..

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So now that Jellow and Khi are adults (both 1), I began buying adult food for them....

I still have lilly beth whose only 7 months and I'm still feeding her kitten food.

I have two seperate dishes for all three (J & K share and lils gots her own)

But Jellow and Khi WONT stop eating the kitten food!!!

Therefore Lilly is always running out .

How do I train them to stop and eat the adult food

and that way lilly can eat her kitten food???

Thanks so much guys!
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Feed them in separate rooms, mix the 2 foods together or put them all on adult.
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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post
Feed them in separate rooms, mix the 2 foods together or put them all on adult.
So your saying that it's okay for Jellow and Khi to continue eating the kitten food and Lilly to eat adult food???
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You can mix the adult and kitten food for the adults but make sure the adult food comprises most of their portions. However, I think your best two choices are feeding them in separate rooms OR feeding all your cats on adult food. You can feed your kitten adult food but just feed up to twice as much. I feed my adult cat on the counter and my kitten on the floor. Or I'll put the adult cat in the bathroom. They both eat the same food but I feed the kitten more and want him to get all the food he needs. Whereas the adult cat, while he's not overweight, I don't want him to become overweight.
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You can mix the kitten & adult food. They probably want the kitten food because it is richer and probably very yummy.

If you can't separate them, then mix a bit of the kitten into the adult food so that they get the taste and make sure the kitten gets as much as they want. I would be worried about the potential weight gain for the adult cats, but a long as no one is getting fat you can do this until everyone can be on adult food.
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You can get an all stage quality food, such as Wellness Core, Orijen, Avoderm, Eagle Pack, etc... This way they would all get the proper nutrition, and you wouldn't need to separate them for feeding, which is practically impossible IMO when you are feeding dry food...
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If you free feed there’s pretty much no way to keep them separate. You could start feeding them on a schedule instead and just feed the kitten in another room. I tried free feeding a mix of kitten and adult formulas and my adult cat became overweight very quickly. I switched them both to adult food when the kitten was 8.5 months.
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Just feed kitten to all.

If you want your kitten to develop well (as the "kitten" foods insinuate) get a high quality grain free (they have 20% more protien, not 3% more).

If you have a Petco, they now carry Wellness Core, which is not only grain free and 50% protein, it is small little bits, like little circular ball like pellets.
Point being kitten food is designed to be small, which Wellness Core is.
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Okay, so if I mix the kitten and adult....should I put more kitten food in tehre so my lillers can get bigger???

I can try putting lillys food in a seperate room but jellow and khi would discover it and eat it ASAP! lol
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My cats did this too, something they like about the kitty food! We fed Manny in a seperate room. What is funny is manny liked adult food and the cats liked the kitty food! Its hard with multiple cats, but like others said i would either sperate or mix food.
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Okay, I am gonna repeat what I stated earlier (and someone correct me if I am wrong)

From everything I saw when I used to feed Nutro, Kitten food had slightly higher fat calories and protein(maybe not all three), and a smaller shape.

Feed all your cats kitten food, and maybe the adults get chubby, MAYBE.

But another than that, it is a marketing euphemism for major brands. Nutro charges like 2$ more for kitten, and for what, did it really cost them more to make?

Ever heard a vet say "Oh that problem is DEFINITLY due to you feeding your cat adult food when she grew up".

I hate to call out other companies, but the only Major brands you should feed your cat are Nutro and Kirkland(costco).

Look at the ingredients, if it is says "ByProduct" or Corn (corn gluten isn't terrible) than you are getting ripped off. Nutro, and I think Kirkland are devoid of that garbage and cost the same as Iams (filled with corn) and Science Diet (, how do they get off selling RX food with byproducts)

But my best suggestion to you is, find a local pet supplier that sells Innova Evo, Nature's Variety, or Orijen.

You sound like someone who cares about their cat's nutrition alot (as we all do, hey were on a forum for it).
I would consider starting a long term health plan for your kitty by getting her the best food in the world (which we are lucky is ALL made in America and Canada).

And every two years, if you can afford, ask vet to perform urine tests. If your kitten is a girl, it will give you an idea if her bladder is ok, and you can work to prevent dangerous stones.
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I don't mean to hijack this thread but isn't the reasons kitten's have a kitten formulated food is so they can digest it better? I remember when we took in a kitten and had an older cat, the kitten would eat adult food and get ill so we took her to the vet and they told us to put her on kitten formulated food and poof, she was better. She ate more (we did have to move her into my room when she ate) and grew better, when she was a year we put her one what our other cat was eating and she was fine. So I don't see how it could be all about marketing.

Anywoo. What we did with our kitten we would keep her food in my room and when she wanted to eat she would come to the door and I would let her in to eat and since our older cat didn't like my room it worked out well. Are there may places your older cat doesn't like to go?
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I agree with what Carolinalima and Korina said about feeding them a high-quality all-stage food like Wellness Core. I wish someone had given me that same advice when I had a mix of cats and a kitten! I know what you're going through.. it's a huge pain, and in my opinion almost impossible to keep the food totally separate.

If I had it to do over again, I'd put them all on a really high quality food that is good for cats and kittens, and then not have to worry about it
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