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RIP Millie.

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On February 13, 2009, my oldest cat, Millie, passed away. It was not her time, nor was it a fair way for her to pass.

The front door was left open and Millie ran out. We didn't think much of it because this wasn't the first time she had escaped and she always comes back. Not long after her escape, we heard dogs outside. It turns out two neighbor dogs, one of which was a pit-pull, attacked Millie. We were too late, she didn't make it out alive.

I feel so guilty for what happened considering I could have caught her after she ran out, but I didn't. I wish I had given her more attention, but it's too late now. She was such a small cat, too. She didn't even have a chance against those dogs..

We spoke with the owners of the dogs and reported them. We told them the next time their dogs were in our lawn we would press charges. Another neighbor also reported them. So far we have not had any further problems with the dogs, but what happened was unacceptable.

I suppose she is in a better place now, but I'm still beating myself up inside for what had happened.
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I am so sorry for your loss RIP

Don't beat yourself up about it though, you didn't know they were there
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RIP Millie. That is so sad.
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I'm so sorry.


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I am so sorry.

Rest in pearce, Millie.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Millie.
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Godspeed over RB, Millie Poor little dear, she was just wanting to go out into the fresh air.....If this has occurred in your yard, your neighbors should at least offer to pay for the adoption of another cat plus a headstone for Millie, because their dogs were at large.
I really feel badly for you - I lost a kitten to an attack by our neighbors' hunting dogs. It took him all night to suffer because the vet was on a ranch call and I didn't have the courage to end it myself. That was in 1984 and when I think of it, as I write these words, my heart has such an ache....oh, my poor little Wink
I am keeping you in my prayers and thoughts tonight. I am sending you vibes of comfort and healing
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first, stop beating yourself up - you couldn't know this would happen.
sending & that you fell less guilty soon - we all do this, btw - i did it when Mouse died [she was ill & i felt i didn't notice it soon enough, didn't change to a different vet soon enough, etc.] so it's not just that you feel responsible because of how Millie died - you'd feel very similarly if she'd been ill & died.
for Millie, plus some more for you...
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I`m so sorry What a terrible thing to happen.

Rest in peace Millie
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My cat Winston lived out side(he's an inside cat now) in a dog house that was equipped with a pig warmer for cold nights. He was attacked by dogs in the middle of the night. My wife woke me up at 2 am crying that 2 dogs had Winston and were playing tug of war with him. I got up but the dogs and Winston were gone. Over the next several days I looked and looked but the only thing we could find was a lot of blood. I believed Winston to be dead. A week or so after this incident, I was standing in my kitchen looking out the window when the dogs reappeared and were sneaking up to the dog house where they had found my boy. I simply stepped out the door with my 12 gauge and shot the lead dog in the face with no1 buckshot.
The very next day Winston shows up with a broken jaw and two broken back legs. Tough kitty. Yes the dogs that attacked him were pits and I hesitate to say that because I feel that pittys are much maligned. I have 2 myself that just absolutely love cats especially Winston. He's on the bed sleeping between them right now as I tell this story. The day after Winston showed back up the other dog was dead on the highway.
I chased the dogs off several times earlier because they hadn't shown any interest in the cats other than their food. Wish they had collars so that I could have talked to their owners before things happened.
Country rules. Talk to the owners of the dogs and let them know what will happen if they return, that is what I would do anyway.
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