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I know this is a cat site,but I have a question,what kind of horses do you have?I would love to have one!Do you have any pictures?
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since we're asking questions........How does my mother join the site? Everytime we try at members it says I already am a member. I know that. But she would like to come and play with us as well.

I know Dragonladys' son did it, so if you'd be so helpful as to pass along the info.

Thank you,
Dali...........and JancyeLee(my Mum)
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Dali, if you go to the main forum page and scroll all the way to the bottom, you'll see a "Log Out" option. Once you're logged out and go back to the forum, it should let your mom register under another id. Hope that helps!
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Make sure to change your user options so it does not cookie! You will have to sign in every time, but, no one else will accidently sign on as you!
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Racer is a Mustang-cross- He was a trade for a set of custom made steak and kitchen knives! I think I got the better end of that deal! Trav is a Breeding Stock Paint- he was shipped to me from back East. Given to me by a well-known and respected breeder. I have had both since they were 3 months old, they are my first horses.
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What beauties!
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Hissy, I remember you had a bad horseback riding accident last year. Have you started riding again? If you already posted about this I didn't see it.
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I haven't been able to overcome my fear. I have sat on him, and gotten quickly down. There is a lady who was supposed to come here and start me on confidence building lessons, but she folded on me at the last minute. We bought a cart and now I drive them, but I don't ride them, not yet. I got hurt pretty bad when I fell off Raceman, he felt as bad about it as I did. But spooks happen, and I didn't sit the buck well. Racer is 16 hands high now, that's a long way up even for me!
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Wow... Hissy, those horses are beautiful. I went horseback riding once.
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I would love a horse, but it would be so expensive to sable them near the city. My best vacation ever was dude ranching in Arizona - 6 hours of horse back riding thru the high desert everyday. Toss in a swimming pool and hot tub, fantastic meals and an abandoned mine, everything was wonderful!
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Hissy I am in love!They are beautful!!!!!I'm going to come vist you!!!!!
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Awwwww! They are super gorgeous!
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Beautiful horses! I can understand the fear of getting back on--I fell off a horse that stopped suddenly. I wasn't hurt, but it took a lot of determination (and the fact we were out in the middle of nowhere) to get back on.

Treat the riding like getting a new kitty. Try sitting a couple of minutes at a time if you want to start riding again. I've never actually been driven by horses. That's cool.
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My mother had a horrible horseback riding accident when she was in her teenage years. For over 20 years after that I could never get her to get back on one. She would only pet and feed and groom, but never ride.

Well she moved back to Texas. To the town she grew up in. Her friend Shiela has a ranch, and barrel races horses. She has three beautiful horses. It took that woman only two days to get my mom to sit on one and with-in a month my mother was helping her train them. Shiela even gave one of her horses to my mother (even tho mom had to keep them on Shiela's property because she didn't have the land for em).

Totally blew my mind. I need to send Shiela your way. Maybe she could help you get back up on one. There is nothing I enjoy more than galloping on a horse and feeling the wind through my hair. MY favorite thing ever.
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I also had horses when I was younger and growing up. I miss them! I broke both my arms falling from horses when I was about 14, not both arms at the same time, separate accidents, but I love them soo much.
Since we are a military family I havent had a chance to ever get another one, but maybe someday! Your horses are really beautiful Hissy!
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I need a picture of the 2nd horse! Thats the color I am looking for,to paint my living room! LOL
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Here ya go! He's all grown up
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wow, what a gorgeous horse!!! so shiny and elegant...

I guess riding a horse and falling, is like getting into a car accident, and driving again (which I only started 2 years after it happened).
I hope you're okay now!!!
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he is beautful!!!!!!!
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Yeah, he's beautiful. My aunt has a horse that looks kinda like him, just a couple shades darker. I've wanted to take horseback riding lessons for a while, but it's too expensive. Eh, I can dream... someday...

Both of your horses are beautiful, Hissy. I hope you are okay and all healed up now.
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