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Does anyone know how much water a cat should drink in a day?? I asked this question on another thread and only one person replied. I am having to force water in Samantha and I don't know how much I am supposed to make sure she gets?? She has taken a few laps from the bowl, but I don't think it's enough to keep her hydrated.

Any ideas? She has been really sick!!!
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Try giving her water from a can of tuna. That might get her to drink. I have no idea how much water they're supposed to drink, but I know that I see my kitties drink more than a few laps each day.

Good luck.
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Call the vet and ask? Has she been to the vet? Sorry-I am not aware of your current situation and/or posts. Is she eating on her own? Are you force feeding her wet? If so she would not need as much water as she would if she were on dry food.

I would venture a guess of around 30cc's of water 3x a day... possibly more if she is on all dry. But really-if it were me I would call the vet and ask-and if they don't answer the question, call around to other vets.
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Check if she is dehydrated by pulling up her the skin on her scruff and holding it for a few seconds, if it snaps right back in place, she is fine, if not she is dehydrated and needs to see the vet because her electrolytes will be out of balance if she dehydrated. Ok so about how much water- I have one of those automatic waterers that is 1 liter and approximately half of it gets drank by Jake who is only 4 months old in one week. So that means that giving her anywhere from 100 mL to 150 mL of water is not going to be too much. Now, whether it's enough I cannot tell you because this kind of approximation is definitely not reliable....But are you worried you will give her too much water or not enough? Is she eating wet canned food? If so, then you need to give her less..One time I bought this wet food that was these tiny meatballs in gravy...Maybe getting her to eat this kind of food will help.
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First, I'm sure you already know this. Normally, if a cat is eating canned cat food, it needs little or no extra water. The amount of drinking water a cat needs depends a great deal on the diet.

As a rule, if illness is causing severe dehydration, keeping a cat hydrated requires subcutaneous or intravenous fluids. Giving water with a feeding syringe for example is simply not enough. With this in mind, for general information, articles that might be helpful to you.

I found some numbers in the following two articles, but I'm really not sure how helpful they will be to you in your situation.
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I have a cat that I haven't seen drinking water in 15 years! If you feed canned food or a raw diet they are getting what they need
I read your other post and you did not say if she is eating on her own or what you feed.
Ask your vet about giving L-lysene which is available over the counter. I know it has helped many with URI's
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Samantha has been being force fed this wet food. She is not eating by herself, but I did see her lap some water the other night.

She is being seen by a vet and has finished her antibiotic liquid, she has/had a URI with a fever of 105, 9 days ago. She was given sub-q, vitamins and antibiotic shots and sent home.

On another post I saw that sick kitties need to be force fed "about what they normally eat in a day" THEN someone said something about not getting enough water causing kidney problems.

I didn't mean to irritate you guys, I was just worried about my kitty
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you definitely didn't irritate anyone ....of course you were worried it's understandable, we all know how we get when our kitties are not well...How is she doing today?? Is she doing better?? Lots of vibes going her way
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I hope you didn't think I was irritated!
URI's are so frustrating, I feel your pain, lol.

I would still giver her some additional water if I were concerned that she wasn't drinking much-wet food or not. But I am a bit paranoid about UTIs since 2 of my 4 have had them, one resulting in blockage and surgery to take off his genitals (P/U) to make a bigger opening so he would not get blocked again-it was a last resort. None of my girls have had UTI though...

Good luck, here are some get well vibes for baby Samantha!
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The number seems to be 5oz a day in total - if you feed 6 oz of wet food a day, no more water is really necessary.... If the cat is on dry food, you should reach for about 4-5 oz...

In your case, since you are force feeding her wet food, I would say test to see if she is hydrated by pulling the skin as explained by ut0pia; if you don't notice dehydration, I wouldn't worry about it... The great majority of the wet food's weight is water - if you concentrate on feeding her well, she should be fine.

A water fountain might help you - it has helped both my kitties tremendously - they both drink well over the recommended 5oz/day... The fountain keeps the water fresh, and they just love it...
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I second the water fountain - cats really do prefer running (fresh, oxygenated) water. It's one of the reasons the like drinking from the faucet.
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My vet told me that the neck/hydrated test isn't very accurate.... That feeling their gums is more accurate-if their gums are tacky they are dehydrated. I would try both though, lol.

I hope she has a speedy recovery!
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I think she is doing better, she is now fighting me when I try to force feed her. She is also up and about more than before.

She is also giving Levi lots of gruff and growls Her breathing sounds MUCH better too, her nose isn't as stuffy eiter

I have seen her drink a few times, but I am still giving extra water

Thanks to everyone who has given my baby

Lots of
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The best thing is to check with your vet before forcing "extra" water. As others have said, if you are giving canned food there is water in the canned food. I would give her the amounts the vet recommended. If the vet did not say how much then I would call and ask. I know in humans too much water can be fatal. Better to be safe. I hope she continues to get better.
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I'm glad she is feeling better!!!
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Originally Posted by ut0pia View Post
I'm glad she is feeling better!!!
it's always a good sign when they feel well enough to fight meds/etc.!
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SAM is up, eating, drinking, hissing at Levi and almost back to her old self. She won't eat wet food, I think by making her eat it when she was sick, it gives her the willies, LOL.

I could not have made it through this without all of you, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I really think without the advice I got here, I would have lost her.


on a sad note, our chinchilla, Chloe passed on 2-26. She was about 9 years old and a great friend.
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Awesome news!!!!!!!!!!
Thank goodness Sam is feeling better!!!!
I am so sorry about your little Chloe
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