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Runaway scare

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Earlier tonight one of my roommates was about to go out, but she forgot her keys and came back in. She didn't lock the door and the wind blew it open, and Mony ran outside. I couldn't find her for 10 or 15 minutes, but then I saw her near some bushes by an apartment building. I spent about 20 minutes following her around and trying to lure her with treats before she hid inside a bush. I had to fish her out of the bush by the scruff of her neck.

Now she's acting like nothing ever happened.

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Wow-what a scare!!! I am SO glas you got her back so easily!!!!!
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One of mine did that once, I thought he took off for good, went miles away. Turns out he stayed under a neighbors hedge all afternoon. Came running when I rattled a food bag
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Oh jeepers! They love to keep you trailing after them!

A couple years ago my cat Bunny, who lives at my parent's house, was out and my step-dad went get her to bring her in. My Mom called me cracking up because she said was in the living room and saw them both go running by the front door. Now Bunny is a somewhat chubby cat; but my step-dad is not someone to mess with! She led him completely around the perimeter of the house before she went in on her own!
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My Dante has scooted out the patio door - for such a big cat, he can really squeeze through an opening quickly! I had to trail him right around our condo building (thank goodness he just circled, rather than crossing the street) and I got him back by rattling the Greenies bag. Try following a black cat at 4:30 am (I'm an early riser for work). I swear I aged 10 years in 5 minutes, but he, of course, just enjoyed the outing.

Every now and again he dashes out the front door into our joint hallway -normally, Greenies will save the day, unless he hears someone else out there, then he dashes right back in, the scaredy car!
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In the summer we had our living room window cracked open - about the length between two blinds so you can imagine it was quite small. We were sure our cats wouldn't dare try to squeeze out (we live on the second floor anyway).

Well Pandora intended to prove us wrong. Not only did she make her way out of the window (between the blinds that were hanging down in front of it, no less!), but she also managed to trot across the roof of the shop below where our apartment is, jump across to our balcony and down the stairs.

Of course my husband and I freaked out looking for her, when I finally stepped outside and she was sitting calmly under our steps. She cried at me and thank goodness didn't run when I picked her up to bring her back in!

We gave her the nickname Houdini after that one! She's so tiny she could fit anywhere!
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Riley did this a couple weeks ago. Ran out and right under a bush. I had to crawl under it and drag him out by the scruff. He was shaking and his little heart was pounding so hard, I think it scared him as much as it did me since he's never been outside!
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lol Its so funny how cats never stop trying! I guess its understandable though. We've always had a yard though, and our cats are allowed free roam. So I guess our cats don't have to get to the desperate point of escape efforts.
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Wow, thank god she came back!!

I wonder why cats just sit in bushes outside of their own houses and don't come back in the house...that would frustrate me to no end.
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Originally Posted by darlili View Post
I swear I aged 10 years in 5 minutes, but he, of course, just enjoyed the outing.
Isn't that the truth!!!
Thank goodness we have all retreived our cats
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Rusty ran out the door as I was leaving for work one frosty morning. She got about 5 feet onto the dirt in front of our window and froze! She then ran back in! She looked at us as if to say, "I about froze my paws off!" That area was covered in a thick layer of frost!
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Oh gosh, I am so glad you were able to grab her! I am constantly paranoid about something like this happening. Whenever someone goes in or out, I'm on their heels to make sure the door is closed tight & to check the lock. The family is very annoyed by it, but hey..
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