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Someone lost a kitty tonight....

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a beautiful black kitty was lying in the roadway. I made a U-turn and moved him/her off the pavement and onto the shoulder. Poor thing - it had just happened
Play happily in the pastures over RB, little black kitty - you looked so well cared for, you were surely a pet. I hope your humans find you, so they can have closure.
The poor cat - the temptation to cross the 4-lane road to go hunting the mice who go after the cattle's grain was just too great...
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The poor thing

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Bless you for stopping and moving the body off of the road. I've never been brave enough to do that.

RIP little black kitty.

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I see at least a couple of cats dead in the road every day. It just breaks my heart, although I'm sure a lot of them are actually feral.
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It hurts my heart every time I see the body of a cat or dog in the road.

little black cat
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awwwwwww poor kitty! R.I.P
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RIP little one
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Thank you all for caring, everyone The poor thing was still there where I placed it. The fur was so shiny & soft, like mink, and the kitty was well fed...I know it was a pet. the homes across the road from where it came are on the rez, so it most likely belonged to either an older person or a child.
I feel so bad when I see a kitty or dog lifeless along the highway. Because of my faith, I take comfort in the words of Jesus that says that God hears even when a sparrow falls, so I know He cares about cats and dogs, too. And I know that we have some wonderful TCS angels on the other side, who will be there to care for the fallen
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