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Cat Barrier

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I have 6 cats, 4 of which are very naughty. ALL INDOORS. They are NOT allowed in the living room-having just replaced the previous furniture they destroyed, I'd like to get the NEW stuff paid off before it ends up looking like &*^%!
They have the entire house, plus their OWN room is three times the size of my bedroom, I paid over 5,000 to have 13 glass windows installed so they could see out, another 1,200 for carpet & blinds...it is also temperture controlled year round. These cats have a HUGE cat gym---that doubles as an gigantic scratching post, 3 TREES9stratching) and 9 other smaller ones....they can stratch to their hearts content......but some of them choose the furniture. I have already tried the NO NO sprays and the Scraminal which quit after 3 weeks....up until then it worked pretty good except the sound not onlys cared them but almost gave me cardiac arrest. Can anyone suggest anything else. I have looked into the Motion Activated Ultra sound machine, the audio sound can only be heard by the cats. A lot of them I have seen that look good require collars---my cats would never wear one and they cost 30$ each......I just need something to cover that room. I have even looked into stroke/sensor home invasion things--but they will not pick up anything under 40 lbs.....any ideas. Appreciate any suggestions
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Did you try clipping their nails???????
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Originally Posted by KatKisses View Post
Did you try clipping their nails???????
or using softpaws?
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I don't know if my thought is an impractical one, just an idea. Does your floor plan allow that you could put up glass french doors? They are attractive, you can see through the glass so it still looks open and you can keep the fur family out when you are not there to supervise. Double glass french doors can be used if you have a wide opening.

I recently read about using spray deodorant on the furniture as a deterrent. Obviously this will not be something for leather. I am trying this now. Not sure how it will help. There are deodorants that will not harm your clothes so they are not an issue stain wise so far for me.

I also think that you have to make sure all of their scent markings from scratching is gone. I used some of the enzyme type cleaners. www.weecleaner.com www.urineoff.com There are several others.

I hope you get them redirected away from the new furniture. It's a challenge for those kitties that like furniture.
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Ooooh, I love French doors. I wanted them in the entrance to my living room in our other house. That would be my recommendation as well. Beautiful and useful to keep kitties out.
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