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So, what have you lost?

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What big/little thing have you lost and found again? I misplaced a very precious pic of my beloved father that I've carried with me every since his passing in 2003, but then thankfully found it. Now I've lost it again!! If my head wasn't attached to my shoulders, I'd probably lose that too. What have you lost and hopefully found?
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My teddy bear! I had a bear as a baby and kept him till a teen. My mom swore I had taken him with me when I got married the first time, but I knew I didn't. Looked for him several times at the house, but could not find him.

My mom had to go to assistant living now, and when hubby, me and my sister and her husband were working on cleaning out the house and sorting thru things, my sister found him!

Teddy had been lost for more then 30 yrs! He's now with me and hubby is building him a special glass box to keep him in. We even found among pictures - a picture of Teddy and me in the crib so I know what he really looked like.

Surprisingly he is in still good shape for his age. I started crying when he was found.
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An anklet that my mom bought me when we were in Hawaii. I had given up looking for it because I looked EVERYWHERE for it.

Guess where I found it?!? I was cleaning the clogged drain from my tub sink in the basement, where the washing machine drains in to. I was fishing the lint out of the drain with needle nose pliers and out came this long glob of lint with something shiny in it. I started pulling it apart and my jaw dropped when I realized it was my lost anklet. I must have taken it off and put it in a pocket and then washed it.
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My sanity. Only I haven't found it yet.
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My Grandma's pearl necklace! It was in a drawer I swear I'd looked through multiple times!! Now it's in a better spot!

The one thing I can't find is my teddy bear that was my constant companion when I was little. The last time I saw him he was in a box at my Grandparent's and I almost took him home; but at the last minute I took another one from the box. I've regretted that decision ever since. We've gone through that house (attic included) several times and not found him.
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I lost 22 pounds then found 7 of them again.

My husband has a pair of sunglasses that go in and out of our lives all of the time. We think they have another family somewhere in town.
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I don't lose anything.

My husband on the other hand is a complete disaster. I had to get our locks changed when he lost a set of door keys.

He once lost his wedding ring (he is a real fidget and fiddles with everything including jewellery!) in a large public garden in Dorset. Thankfully, someones dog found it in a flower bed and they handed it in to the warden 30 minutes later so he got it back.

He said it was a Sign that we were meant to be together forever.
I said it was a Sign that he was a ****ing idiot.

Ahh, married life
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My mom had a pair of silver earrings that I wore every day when I was 12. One day, I was at school and realized that I had lost one of them. I called my mom, and she went and looked for it... and found it... at the bus stop... in the rain! I gave the earrings back to her because I didn't want to lose them again. Recently, we were looking through her jewelry and she gave them back to me. (I'm 25 now.) I'm afraid to wear them, so I keep them tucked away.
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Great least most of you have all found your precious things again!
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Back Sept 2005 when the office I worked for closed I remember putting my prescription sunglasses in the truck. Never found them in their or the house. About 2 years later I was getting something else out of glovebox and there they were!! They were stored in a black hard case so maybe it blended in??

Now if I could find the tweezers I use to pluck my eyebrows..... I was taking them out of one bathroom to put them where they belong but must have gotten distracted and set them down somewhere else!
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I make beaded Christmas ornaments and when we moved in 2006 I misplaced the bag that a had all but one of them in really bothered me because each one took hours of work and was designed for something (or someone) specific. So for some reason, the day after we took down the tree this year I had some strange urge to take a look in a box of spare crokkery and plates the we stored downstairs and there they were! I have no idea how or why they got in there, but they were still all packaged from the move, so all I can figure is that one of us saw them and slipped them into the stroage box so they wouldn't be I can't wait for Christmas to put them up again.
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The one thing that comes to mind first was my binoculars. I got them for Christmas and was so happy with them. I thought they were in this one drawer. Well, after looking through items of my Dads (he died in 1990) we opened a ammo storage container a couple of months ago and there they were! Apparently I loaned them to him and he put them there.

Would love to find my high school ring. I took it off to wash dishes and haven't seen it since. (Took it off in one room and then went into the kitchen.)
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Unfortunately, I lost a big, big thing and never found it.

My high school sweetheart (of 4 years) gave me a gold ring with an oval shaped opal surrounded by little diamonds for our first Christmas together. I wore it every single day for years. But at college, one night I took it off in the corridor bathroom while I washed my face and got ready for bed, and accidentally left it in there. I never saw it again and I'm pretty sure someone stole it, since it was a community bathroom. I honestly think that losing it was a bad omen for our relationship - we only lasted a few months longer.

No worries though, I've now met my soulmate and I think he'll be giving me an even more meaningful ring relatively soon.
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Like someone said, I'd lose my head if it weren't firmly attached! I've lost two engagement rings, one other ring and one wedding band since Charlie and I married in 1990.....never found them. I've lost my drivers license, found it after I had a new one made. I'm forever losing my car keys. It's a family tradition dad and my mother's sister are both bad about losing things too.

Have found out that its contagious though....after almost 19 years of marriage, Charlie has started losing things too......most recently his $150.00 Jawbone Bluetooth! Here's hoping he finds it tomorrow when he goes back and looks for it again!
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My class ring. Not the high school on (that sucker was lost before I graduated ) but my college ring that actually means quite a bit to me. I don't wear it much during the warm months because my finger swells up and I can't get it on comfortably. So it took a while before I noticed it was missing. It wasn't in the drawer where I normally keep it, so I decided maybe I had laid it on my desk and my cats decided to play with it and batted it around the apartment (wouldn't be the first time). So I scrounged around the apartment, moved all the furniture and appliances, looked in every nook and cranny, and still couldn't find it. I never could find it, so I resigned myself to the fact I must have somehow lost it away from home, and since it had been over a month since I had last seen it, it was probably gone for good. A few weeks later, I decided to dress up a bit, so I went into my closet to get a nice pair of gray slacks. When I put them on, I felt a lump in the pocket and, lo and behold, it was my ring. Apparently, the last time I wore them I had rehung them and left the ring in the pocket.
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I have a birthstone ring that my parents gave me a long time ago. I thought it was in my jewelry box. That jewelry box was among the items stolen 25 yrs ago when we were burglarized. I was heart sick because I lost a lot of precious items. (My high school class ring, my grandmother's gold and diamond watch and a necklace my deceased dad had given me.

Well, a few years later, I was going through a box of items I had stored at my mom's house. We were deciding what to throw out since she was moving and selling the property. The house was worthless and was condemned. Well down in the bottom of the box was my birthstone ring! I was overjoyed! But still saddened that I didn't find the other items.
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Interesting everyone.........rings are the big thing I see!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
What big/little thing have you lost and found again? I misplaced a very precious pic of my beloved father that I've carried with me every since his passing in 2003, but then thankfully found it. Now I've lost it again!! If my head wasn't attached to my shoulders, I'd probably lose that too. What have you lost and hopefully found?
I guess if I know where something is, it is not lost. There are several flights of stairs in this house and at the very bottom there are three large desks. Persi loves bouncing things down the stairs and then batting things under the desks. So anything I have that is "lost" I just assume it is under the desks. But I make no attempt to retrieve lost items.
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DH has lost 2 wedding rings. I replaced the first one thru an insurance claim the first time and gave up after he lost the replacement. Somewhere out there are 2 rings with 1/2 caret of diamonds in them.

I lost a necklace that my mom gave me right before she died. I eventually found it in the bottom of a box of crafts about 18 months after we moved into our current house. How a necklace wound up in a box of crafts is beyond me.
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I cant think of anything in particular.. Im not very sentimental when it comes to belongings.

However I do remember my ex FIL loosing a hat.. the old man always wore a ball-cap when he was out of the house.. He was also quite proud that his son drove truck. When my ex worked for Celadon, he had bought his dad one of the company hats. My ex had been thru several companies since, but the old man still wore the Celadon hat.

He had forgotton the hat at a restraunt tho, he realized it when he got out to the van.. when he went back inside to retrieve it, the hat was no longer at his seat.. but he swore up and down that he saw another customer walking out the door with his hat.

We hear about the guy that stole his hat for a good year or two.. my hubby offered to buy him a new hat, but the old man wouldnt have it. He was quite mad about the loss of the old hat.

I went and bought a plain at at walmart one year, took it to a place that does embroidery and had them put a pic of a Semi with the words "Proud Father of a Truck Driver" on it.. he got that for Christmas... we didnt hear another word about the stolen Celadon hat since he got the new hat!
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
...I lost a necklace that my mom gave me right before she died. I eventually found it in the bottom of a box of crafts about 18 months after we moved into our current house. How a necklace wound up in a box of crafts is beyond me.
You do have cats, don't you?
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