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blood tests/water drinking

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My cat had uti. I treated that after he had it for a long time. Then he had bacteria which was treated and seemed negative after last urinalysis. He has been drinking a lot of water so we did blood and T4. Vet said he's fine. Could be the heat (east Coast living) or more salt in food but he's okay. So perhaps he likes water though he pees a lot which i guess is good for UTI which he no longer has. He is not as moody as he use to be so I guess he's better and just likes water??? Any ideas No use digging since tests are okay?? 12 year old male cat
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Did he have a senior panel or just a few blood tests?
My Coco does that and its from Crf.
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eeinfg and drinking a lot are not natural for a cat. My first thought always turns to diabetes but yet you had a blood test done so I am at a loss.
Just in case, please go to the pharmacy and get some ketostix to check the urine to see if sugar is spilling in. One of my previous diabetoc cats went into remission and showed signs of needing insulin again 2 weeks before the blood glucose was in diabetic range so that is still a possibility. Best of luck
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More salt might explain the drinking. Safe as long as the kidneys are functioning normally. But, since your kitty is 12 years old, keep a very close eye on the kidney values. (BUN and creatinine.) To be on the safe side, have your vet check kidney function again in a few weeks to make sure the values aren't going up. If they are, cut down on the salt right away. And keep checking the kidney values on a regular basis.

I think this article is good info
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since all the tests came back fine:blood and T4 she thought possibly it was from salt or the heat in the house. I have been giving him a little of the EVO dry and a little wellness canned. Perhaps the evo has to much salt in it? will check it
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