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Originally Posted by skewch View Post
I've had a boy's named picked out for a few months already LOL. FULL MONTY will be his full name, we'd just call him Monty for short
Very cute!!!!

I just wish my daughter would come up with something already. I am trying to let her be involved in the process as much as possible.

I even rattled off a list of possible names and she was "meh" to most of them.
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Well, we didn't have a choice with our devon male as our daughter picked his name out before we even decided to get him. We hadn't seen him yet and she picked the name Bob. She names a lot of things Bob...and she's almost 11!!! Bonnie was almost a Betty, but hubby said nope she's not a Betty, she's a Bonnie...and so she is I like the name Full Monty because he is just that: naked and bares all LOL Monty goes with the M theme we have running LOL We have Murray, Maddie, Mollie and then Monty when he's old enough LOL Murray is our siamese boy who has been fixed since he was 6 months old. He is almost 3 years old now. He WAS a Marie (another name my daughter picked) till the vet told us that she was a he and they chose Murray for us LOL How embarassing!!!
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I have names picked out for my next sphynx if it is a kitten.
They are Nikita or Narnia.
If its a retired adult then it will have a name already.
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I really want to call him Azizi, daughter is being "meh" about that as well LOL She is 12 btw and you know she knows it all

She has named many of our rats and let me tell ya, it gets interesting..Heccles, Esteban, Voldy, Arden, Corbin Dallas..see what I mean?

On the way home she was like "How about the name of a god? Zues or Set or something neat like that?" I love her, she thinks outside the box on so many things. No telling what this little man will be called.
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Azizi is cool sounding...I can see you calling him Zee or Zeezers as a nickname. I like getting my daughter involved, but sometimes you have to play fair as well. Put names in a hat that you are somewhat OK with and then draw. You could ensure you put in extras of a name you really want...she'll never know the difference and she'll think all is fair We won't give away your secret
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I love the name Azizi, it means "precious" in Egyptian. Oddly enough, the kitten was going to be shipped to Africa and the breeder decided against it because it is such a long flight.

Now tell me this kitten is just not begging to have an African name LOL

BTW..I like the idea of putting the names into a hat and then kinda making it lean more towards my choice!!!!!
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Us moms need to stick together, and when it's their turn, we can fill them in on all the secrets they'll need to know about as well It may sound cruel to some, but sometimes necessary. LOL
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The daughter finally decided that Azizi is not so bad and she will call him Zee

I am so glad she got on board with me on this one, it means a lot
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I am SO excited for you on your TWO new additions! They are so cute
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I love the name full monty. That's fantastic!

Likewise Azizi!
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Thanks Wellington, I love the name too!
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As most of you know, Jack was named by me (and hubby approved) before he was even born
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Soon my lovely kitties will be home and hopefully enjoying the cat room that daddy spent so much time redecorating for them
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Have fun
My Cleo loves to play and tires the other cat out.
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