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Thinking of adding a Sphynx to my clan

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I have spent the last few months looking over information about this breed. I have contacted a few reputable breeders and I have an appointment to meet with one this coming weekend.

I would like to know what current "owned by" people have to say about these cats. Any experiences and thoughts are appreciated.

Also, the price on the kitten I am looking at is 1000.00, that seems to be about ballpark for a Sphynx as far as I can tell. That sound right to others?

Thank you
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Any pics of the sphynx you will be seeing?
They get oily and need to get baths.
They are very friendly and hyper.
Can you pm me the breeders websites.
I am in some sphynx groups and know alot of breeders over there.
The price is lower then what I paid for Cleo but sounds ok.
Here is a pic of my Cleo.

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I currently have 2 spynx girls who are 4 months old. They are awesome! Their personalities and easy-going temperment is so wonderful. I have 6 cats now, and introducing them to the household was so easy! They get along great with all of the cats, I couldn't have asked for better.

With help from hubby, we bathe them once a week as well as ear cleanings and nail clipping. Clipping their nails is the easist job with them, they don't mind a bit! Our girls are also little pigs with food; they'll eat whatever and whenever...they're not fussy!

My girls both sleep with me at night, which I love.
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I have been researching this breed for quite some time.

I lost my beloved DSH tabby, Megan last year and still miss her so much. After 19 years together, those are some big "paws" to fill. I look at these cats and see something of that love and curiosity about life in those faces.

Something about the breed has just kept me interested and digging for more information.
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They eat alot.
When my cats first met Cleo they got along great.
No one hissed at all.
I hope you like them whe you meet them in person.
I plan on getting another sphynx.
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Personally I would rather pet fur then skin. But I do like their personality - its very similar to the Cornish/Devon Rexes.

You might want to look into getting a retired adult (1-3 yrs old) for a little less money if you feel that the price is on the steep side (it would be for me)
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GK, one gets used to petting "skin" LOL. They do have a very fine down on them so they do feel sooooo soft. They love the pets and scritches and just really don't seem to notice if we are not doing it "right". They love it no matter how it is given I like giving "nose-rubbins"...they have fur on their nose, and I give all my cats nose rubbins and they love that.
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Sasha feels just like Cleo where she was shaved for the lapo spay last week.
They do have fine hair on themon the back and neck but underneath they are all skin.
Feels like a new born babys skin.
I took her to the vet lasy friday and someone said eww and shook there head.
They asked the vet what that thing was.
I thought it was very rude of them.
Of course this person brought her cat into the vet in a card board carrier.
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I've handled Sphynx at the shows and held one for the owner so she could get her other cat - still would prefer more fur
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I like bald lol
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I love my Sphynx kitty!
Let's see. They require bathing and nail clipping and cleaning between their toes and in their ears often. They are happy go lucky and adore attention, get along great with anyone and everyone and dogs. They are a high energy breed. Very sweet and loving and warm. They eat a lot. They love to play.
Let us know how the meeting goes
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They seem to be really interesting cats. I did forget to ask what feeding preferences were for the nakeds?

I appreciate the help!
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My girls are piglets...they will eat whatever really...except EVO which I really wanted them to switch to. They are eating Science Diet kitten and they love that as well as wet stuff (varied).

I have read in several places that sphynx are very easy to please in the food department. Experience tells me that this is pretty true
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Cleo is a pig also.
She eats Royal Canin Kitten food and some can foods.
I was told to give Royal canin by the breeder.
She would eat Cocos Renal food if I did not stop her.
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My Sphynx eats anything and everything and loves dog treats, fruits, veggies, anything left unattended that somewhat resembles food, you get the idea.
I am feeding Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul, canned and dry. This is what works best for my cat and several related to my cat. I have tried switching to others during the years, but this works best for us. At about 9 months? we couldn't free feed anymore, she was turning as big as a house!!! No self control. Now we feed her on a schedule, and who knew? she is quite good at telling time too
here she is
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cococat..she is absolutely exquisite!!!!! be still my foolish and green with envy heart.
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Coco, wow does your cat ever look like my Bonnie!!! The face, the stance, it's so similar! I might add that your cat is gorgeous and wow, I know how much you love her...Bonnie is so close to my heart.

Here's a pic of Bonnie She is a Sphynx/Devon cross.

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What a beautiful girl!! Love those eyes, so intent and intelligent.

Does Bonnie act like a sphynx? or does she act more like the Devon? I assume that was an outcross to strengthen bloodlines?

I so love all of these cats!!!!!!!
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Oh she definitely does act more like a sphynx than a Devon. She's always been different than her man Bob in so many ways. She is so intelligent, swift, poised and regal looking. When we first got her, we'd had Bob for over a month and she came along and she started holding pencils in her paw...I couldn't believe it at first until I did more research on the sphynx and it does say they're quite good at using their front paws like hands with fingers.

Bob isn't as intelligent, more of a little "silly" in so many ways, but the most lovable cat. So affectionate he is and one of his best qualities. He loves to be on me and drool while he purrs LOL

I'm not sure what the reason was for the outcross, but I am pretty sure the breeder is no longer breeding. I know she lost one of her queens during birthing of a litter, and the stud was a sphynx and he was the meanest cat I've seen in a long time. At any rate, Bonnie was so gorgeous and I had to have her.
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My sphynx is very "dog like" in her personality.. When I go about the house, I have a small "pack" following me that includes 2 dogs and a cat! When Im not within sight, she wanders around the house meowing until she finds me. She's also my bathroom buddy when I take a bath, laying right beside the tub.. The dogs dont even follow me in the bathroom (they know im not above picking them up and putting them in the tub with me LOL). She also likes to sleep under the covers snuggled up next to me. She also greets all my visitors.

The skin is very soft.. like a day-old newborn baby's skin.
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My sphynx doesnt get "sticky".. the last time I bathed her was right before her spay, which was a little over 2 weeks ago. Im told that most need a bath about once a week. Each individual has different needs tho.

She does need her eyes and ears cleaned out often tho.. they get very dirty, expecially her ears!
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My husband is still unsure about the Sphynx, but he is onboard with me getting one. He said he just doesnt quite get the attraction I have for them

I am counting down hours until I meet with the breeder...come on already Saturday!!!!!!!!
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Tell your hubby that the sphynx is really just another "type" of cat but MUCH nicer Tell him that there is more to them than meets the eye...they will love him just as much they love you and he'll fall for the kitten you choose. Their personality will win him over in minutes!
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I am absolutely obsessed with having one of these cats

I have sat looking at sweaters and other things he/she might need LOL

The hubby says I am spoiled so I think my pets should be as well
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Here is a picture of Cleo in her clothes.

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Here's my girls in their little shirts

And the girls were sent home by their breeder in sweaters, aren't they cute?
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Omg Cleo has those same shirts.
I got them at Petsmart.
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Your Sphynx are gorgeous guys!!!
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I love the color of your sphynx skewch.
I saw the sphynx Anita might get and he is cute also.
All the sphynx are on that breeders site.
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I think all Sphynx are gorgeous and unique in their own way. I guess you could say I have a soft spot now for them, and I love them.

Jacky, your Cleo is so beautiful with her such dark skin with white. And yes, my shirts came from Petsmart also. I have several others I'm waiting for them to grow into.
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