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Funny Faces of Galahad

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Got some silly pics of the new little guy He's somewhere around 10 weeks old.

(that is something Galahad typed while marching across keyboard just now - am sure it means something in "cat" )

These aren't funny - just cute

Future Lion King


All tuckered out:

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They're all wonderful, but that first one is toooooo funny! What a gorgeous little guy!
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Were going to have some laughs with this little man i can tell

I have a couple of pictures similar to those of Jack when he was a baby
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He's such a doll. I love the pics with his mouth wiiiiiide open. I think he's telling you to pay more attention to him and not to the screen.
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he is a cutie
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Two words:

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Is he yawning or meowing a protest in those pics? He seems to have a thing for his own tongue if I recall correctly.

Just precious!

Are your cats adjusting to him?
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OMG He is so cute! Jake likes to run on my keyboard too....
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Hehee, he does seem to tell me what he thinks I need to hear. For all those pics, he was just yawning

I do have some pics I can post when I get home tonight of him with the others. Not too close yet, but getting there.

I am hoping Daphne comes around a bit more although I realize she may never really like him. She watches him always. If I want to know where he is, I just look to Daphne to see where she is looking. He chases her and she runs but not sure she is really playing. She has no problem with swatting him.

Seb is coming around more. He has been playing with the little guy the last couple of days - wrestling stuff. Seb won't run or chase so Galahad has to come to him to get into trouble Seb seems to be gentle enough with him and patient. He just smacks him when he gets out of hand.

I was so hoping Galahad would be more of a companion for Daphne. She needs the exercise and stimulation
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He's a cutie!

Give Daphne a little time. I noticed with my girls that it takes a while for them to warm up to the others. Well, except for Ginger who has a major kitty-crush on Trent and has since she laid eyes on him. It took Annie and Trent a good 6 months before they really started playing. It took Ginger and Annie a good month to two months before they became "The Calicos" who thunder up and down the hall and stairs and spin out on the hardwood floor.
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