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Puking up wet food?

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Kizzy just started to do this yesterday.

I had fed him some wet yesterday, and sometime he ended up puking it up in my daughters room. I chalked it up to him maybe getting into something he shouldn't have, or that the food was left out too long.

Today he was meowing at me for some, and I fed him a different brand of wet food. This time when he was done for the time being, I took it and put it back in the fridge (in case yesterday's incident was because it was left out too long).

Not 5-10mins after eating it, he upchucks it. (all he ate was the gravy mainly, of a gravy/cuts pouch)

He's not throwing up the dry food, he's not hacking like a hairball, there's no hair in the vomit, it is literally just wet food coming back up.

He's active, and pretty healthy I think. I'm calling the vet tomorrow as he needs his boosters and a check up (didn't do it last week) because I am concerned about his sneezing alot, and snotting green boogers on me when he does sneeze.

Any thoughts on the vomiting? He has eaten wet food before, same brands as he upchucked, previously..... so I don't think its the brand itself, and now today I know it wasn't because I left it out too long. He's only vomitted 1 time yesterday and 1 time today..... so I'm a little concerned because its after he eats wet food, and now happened 2 days in a row.

(sorry Mods, didn't know if this was a food or health oriented question... I think its both maybe, feel free to move it of course)
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is there wheat gluten in the gravy>>??
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Is he eating too fast?
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Sometimes if my cat loves a food he eats fast and too much, then vomits. (Wet food).

He's not ill or anything its just the way he is.

I guess too, maybe something does not agree with kitty. So maybe try another food with a small portion that way he wont over eat or eat too fast.
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Was the wet food one that you fed him before? Maybe it's something about that particular brand. When we first got my three cats, Girlie or Obie (we never determined out which one for sure) did the same thing and it took us a while to figure it out. There was just something about Evo. Either they were eating it too fast or it was tasty but wouldn't sit well.

Hope you figure out what's going on with Kizzy and it's an easy fix.
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
is there wheat gluten in the gravy>>??
No wheat gluten in either of the two foods he puked up.

Originally Posted by carolinalima View Post
Is he eating too fast?
Originally Posted by MzKitty View Post
I guess too, maybe something does not agree with kitty. So maybe try another food with a small portion that way he wont over eat or eat too fast.
It is quite possible he started to eat too fast.... I'm going to look around and see what I can do to help slow him down a bit.

Originally Posted by MikeHong View Post
Was the wet food one that you fed him before? Maybe it's something about that particular brand.

Hope you figure out what's going on with Kizzy and it's an easy fix.
Both wet foods, I've fed previously with no issues.

I did some reading about "aftercare" for vomitting, and withholding food was suggested to give the tummy time to recover, then slowly introducing small meals back. I think perhaps that might have been the problem, I didn't think anything of the first incident (cats puke, it happens)...that food was out for awhile, and I do not know when he finished eating it... so it might have been eaten after 4-5hrs.

I'm just guessing.... but I am withholding food for today, not water though.... and will see if he vomits again.
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Stimpy does that under 2 conditions:
1. He eats to fast
2. He has an intolerance to an ingredient (beef is a big culprit for him)
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So I withheld food for most of the day. He was hungry, meowing and begging, so I offered him a little bit of the wet again just to see.

He didn't eat much of it, even though he was starving... maybe a tbsp. Which I found upstairs on the floor

I waited a few hours and refilled his dry food. Which he promptly gobbled up... I did take it away from him for a couple mins because he was eating fast, and when I put it back down, I elevated it which slowed him down.

No at all.

The only thing that changed in his diet was on the dry department: 2-3wks ago I bought a bag of Wellness Core to try (it was on sale). I mixed in a little with his other dry foods. Ummmmmm, yah. NO. He had the stinkiest poo's you can imagine, plus diarrhea. YUCK. So I stopped feeding him that about a wk after I started.

Monday I fed IAMS kitten formula. (pate)
Tues. I fed Whiskas turkey bites. (chunks with gravy)
Wed. Whiskas turkey bites.

He has eaten them before with no problems.... This week is the first time he's ever puked.

I'm at a complete loss
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I have known some people whose cats just don't tolerate wet food.

Could you try elevating his wet food too? I have all of my cats food bowls elevated (wet & dry). I even figured out a way to elevate our Drinkwell fountain. We just found out our most senior guy has significant arthritis developing, so I'm really glad I started doing that a few years ago. It also slows Stimpy's eating down.

If you have access to it, California Natural Chicken & Rice is a good wet food. Mostly we have Friskies on hand (cost reasons) but Stimpy LOVES CN wet food. I get it as treats once in a while. You could also try the Natural Balance Chicken & Rice canned. That sits well with my cats. Authority canned is budget friendly, but none of my cats are fans of it.

Mine can only tolerate the new Whiskas pouches (Purrfectly fish or chicken), the regular ones have something that makes my cats have upset tummies. But overall they don't like Whiskas wet.
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Just thought I'd update this so it has some closure.

Thanks to all for the advice/experiences/etc.

I "think" Kizzy just had an upset tummy for a couple days. I let him go a day without food, just water, then offered him some meat baby food, a teaspoon of it. He ate it, and I waited an hour before giving him more....gave him more baby food, no probs.... so I tried some wet food... again, doing it slowly. Gave him some of his dry as well.... just small meals after a day of no food and he's been fine since.

Dunno what was up with him, but I'm sure glad he's done barfing now LOL.
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I have no advice but would like to say my Bugsy does this as well. I tried all different types of wets, including different brands, sensitive belly foods, allergy foods, different ingredients and he always vomited them up. I eventually became a mean Mom and took away the cats feeding of wet food. I just recently tried again since Bugsy is my “sickly†guy and is always begging for water I wanted to hydrate him a bit more. I put him on a salmon food that’s supposed to be for cats with meat allergies and he was good for 4 nights and last night he vomited it up, but then he ate the rest of his food and was fine…

I just cant figure out what it is. Ill try again tonight and hope last night was just a fluke so I can keep him on this food.

Oh, one thing I thought it “might†be was that he would eat his hard food which I keep out 24/7 and he was so excited to get wet food he would eat too much after eating some hard food forcing him to vomit.
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Cats sometimes get sick if they have worms
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The only thing I've learned is to differentiate between regurgitation and vomiting What I was told by the vet is when they basically just open their mouths and non-digested, readily recognizable food pops out, it's regurgitation, and often is related to eating too quickly. The other is true vomiting, and apparently is normally considered a more serious symptom.

Apparently vets love it when owners can tell them if it's vomiting or regurgitating when we're frantically calling them about our Fluffies and Poopsies - or maybe it's just my vet when I'm calling them!
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