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Weight loss help!

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I wonder if you guys could give me some suggestions on weight loss, I'm having a lot of trouble with this situation since I do not want my cats to have health problems when they get older.

I have three cats, one of which is very overweight (7lbs over), two of which are slightly overweight (3ish lbs over).

The cats currently are eating Wellness Core, and I'm sure I could very easily cut the food back but I have a lot of trouble doing this with my one male.

The other two could care less, and could very easily cut back the food, but my male will walk all over me and paw my face in the middle of the night if he's hungry. I do ignore him and do not give in, but he just doesn't seem to get the hint that he isn't getting any food. It really does mess up my sleep schedule and I don't really know how to accomplish this task.

At this point now, between the three of them, they eat one cup in the morning, one at night. This is just about as much as I can but it back without my male bothering me all night.

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Wet food is probably the only way you'll truly see a decrease in weight.

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I would suggest a sit down with the vet first as 7 lb s is NOT overweight but likely morbidly obese in a cat ( ie ave male at 12 lbs) that is 63 plus % over ideal at 19 lbs ( just a rough guess of ave plus 7 lbs )

Wet food likely can be a big help but a VET will be more ... If your vet will not help find a new one
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