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Hello everyone

I am introducing my 6 month old neutered boy to a new 7 month old neutered boy which I am getting from the same friend that got me the cat I have right now. The 6 month old has been in my home for about 3 months. He is very playful, though the only animal has interacted with was a very friendly small black poodle, which he hissed, growled, and swipped at as the poor dog cowered in fear (the dog was a friend's dog that came over to visit for a few hours).

As I see it, I have three options:
1) Introduce them abruptly, perhaps by keeping the newcomer in a cage for a few hours or so before letting him out of the cage and just letting them go at it.

2) Putting the newcomer in the bathroom and having a fence between the bathroom archway and the rest of the studio (its a large studio, but a studio, so I have no separate bedrooms to use)

3) Have a friend of mine take care of my old cat while I introduce the new cat - alone - to my place and get him used to it for a couple of days before bringing my old cat back here and perhaps putting him behind the cage for awhile. My old cat is used to spending time at my friend's place, as I'm out of town every couple of weeks or so for a few days.

I think those are my three options, does anyone have any other good options? Does anyone know the pros and cons of these? Does anyone have a preference? I've never done this sort of thing before, and I want it to go as smoothly as possible


Steve K