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New kitty in the family! :)

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Friday the 13th was a happy day for me, we got our third kitty, Casper!
He is a lilacpoint British Shorthair and almost 2 years old like my other cats. I was planning on using him for breeding but he likes to mark his territory..a lot! So if my nerves and nose can hadle it long enough, he will hopefully produce beautiful kittens in the future.
He is very shy boy and needs some time before he starts to trust anyone. He is already begging for some belly rubs from me so it's not that bad.

Introduction with my other cats went surprisingly well, but yesterday my neutered male, Utu, attacked him out of nowhere. He is a bit jealous and worried that the newcomer will take his place as the boss. Keeps hissing and growling at him.. I won't let them be together without supervision untill they have sorted things out.
My other male kitty, Kuura, was very excited about the new friend, propably thought that he was a female and showed all of his best tricks to him and sang a few serenades too.. The next day the truth came out and he was devastated..But now the new cat is very interested about Kuura and I think they are starting to have a romance..

This is Casper
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What a gorgeous kitty!~
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Oh my... he's stunning!
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Oh wow, he is a beautiful boy!!!
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wow!He is sure a beautiful boy
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He's a handsome devil!
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He's beautiful! His coat looks so plushy and soft!
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Wow, I have never seen a lilacpoint British Shorthair. How gorgeous!!
Great name too!
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WOW he sure is a handsome boy!
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awww such a cute kitty..and perfect name!
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wow - he is absolutely stunning!!!!
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Thanks everyone!
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