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Friend needs vibes

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I found out this morning that a friend of mine had a cat scan and x-ray that showed some small spots on her lungs. Her Dr. is taking the wait and see approach. I don't know how I feel about that approach, but either way my friend is in need of some cat site vibes. She is also the treasurer of the shelter I volunteer at, so the kitties stand to lose a very good person too.
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Good Health for your friend
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Many positive for your friend.

A girl I work with went to the Dr. with a chronic cough, and they found a spot on her lung. A while later they diagnosed her with some type of lung cancer (cant remember the long name it had), but has since overcome it and is cancer free.
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Good luck to her!
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Lots of and for your friend!
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sending lotsa vibes your way. They found spots on my moms lungs and did a biopsy we were very scared but it turned out to be nothing. i really hope your friend is OK. I cant imagine how scary it is to be in that position.
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