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Daily Thread Tues Feb 24th!

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Morning folks!

Tuesday is such a blah day eh? Its not even the middle of the week yet

Its going to be a cold one today with a biting wind. I have no plans today other than going to work and then coming home. I like that.

Our wedding planning has reached a bit of a snag. We won't know which minister is marrying us until April..along with not knowing who is performing our ceremony music until then either. I am a little panicked about not having these two things booked until 2 months before the wedding. Josh says it will be okay though..I am nervous.

Anyhoo, have a good day folks!
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Morning folks

Tis chilly here too. I am soooooo done with winter, it's quite depressing to keep getting up and it being cold or snowy.

I might go to the library today, I need some new books. HHmmmmm, I wonder if they have any quitting smoking books.

My oldest daughter has cadets tonight, so if I don't go to the library today, then I'll go with my other daughter when we drop the one off.

Nothing too exciting.
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Fat tuesday...

I had one of them donut thingies.. yumm.

Anywho. it's cold, I'm tired and allready sick of this semester. The cats must be cold too for I find that the space on the bed is in short supply at night. Oh well back to the books. Have a good day everyone stay warm.
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Morning All!!

Frosty one here as well. And yes I agree, I will be more then thrilled to see the back end of this winter. It's been to long, to snowy, and to cold.....

Nothing specific planned for today. Have a couple of errands I should do, and I really should do some grocery shopping maybe after lunch I will get enough energy to tackle that.

The kitties have all napping in various places around the house. Guess they are not overly energetic either.

Everyone have a great day
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I have an exam today, and I work lol. What a horrid day.
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