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When is it a good idea to give your kitty catnip? I've heard from some places it's best to wait til they're six months old, because they don't react to it yet and giving it to them sooner can desensitize them. Is this true? I've heard from other places anytime is fine to give it to them. I don't know what to think! Does anyone have any info on this that they could share with me?
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Funny, but my kittys just got some. Thier all silly, Sara infact is sitting on me and before Wieland passed she hated me.

Tiny Licorice whose 8mths old just kinda sniffs it for awhile till another kitty comes and steals his pile, then he'll plop down and look all stoned. He'll just sit there for a long time while the others play and go wild.

Maybe like in human you have to learn how to enjoy it. (the catnip for the kittys and u know how we learn to enjoy stuff, I had to come and fix this post, it sounded like I was enjoying the nip at first.)
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My kittens would not have anything to do with it,but the older cats love it.
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I heard kittens don't react till they are around six months old.

my male cat (he is 8 months and only reacted at around 5 months)
is the only one who reacts to it...
my females have no reaction...
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my boys are both male, and 2.5 months old

one does seem to be affected and the other seems pretty neutral...

the one that seems affected, Calvin, is also the risk taker, climb anything, inquisitive cat where the neutral one, Hobbes, is more laid back, stawlker, lap cat type.
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