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I would take her back tomorrow. Congrats on the finals today with the kittens
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Well I ended up not bringing Roxy today after all because she refused to get out of bed in the morning.

However, Spot and Harlequin did go today and they did really well again. Harlequin got finals in both rings: 7th in one and 8th in the other. Then they did the top 10 cats with the most points (added up from all the judges.) Well, Harlequin got FIRST PLACE aka "Best Companion Cat"!
I was so surprised! It's nice that even though Roxy didn't win (she won first place last year) we still kept it in the family. One of the judges had a laser pointer and she started playing with Harlequin on the judging table, and she was looping the pointer around in circles and Harley was spinning in circles to chase it.

This was the kittens' first show, they are 7-8 months old and have never even been trained for showing or really taken much of anywhere except my friend's house... They did wonderfully and were very much at ease. Spot meowed a lot in the judging cages but it was a "let me out and cuddle" meow not an "I don't want to be here" meow, and Harlequin just wanted to play-play-play. I brought my friend's 12 year old sister along today to help me with the cats and she kept bringing Harley around to show her to people and stuff and Harlequin took it all in stride.

Here are some photos from today... Some didn't turn out too well because there is a huge window behind the judging area so the photos are backlit.


Harlequin trying to play with the judge even though it's not her turn:

Harlequin showing off while the judge talks about her (this was the 'best in show' part):

Harley with her First Place award
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Nice pictures even with the window Glad things went very well for you. Looks like you've got a nice winner on your hands
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Congratulations again. Will you show the kittens again?
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats View Post
Congratulations again. Will you show the kittens again?
Or, better said..."are you addicted to showing cats yet?"

Congratulations! Well done kitties!
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Originally Posted by Abymummy View Post
Or, better said..."are you addicted to showing cats yet?"
Oh I was addicted last year, but then Church and Roxy decided they didn't like it so I figured I wouldn't get to show anymore... Now that I have these kittens (like Church, they were feral rescues and not planned) who so far seem to enjoy it, I will continue unless they end up changing their minds like the others. The only problem is there are very few shows in my area in the summer, the last one that is close enough for me is in early May, then there is nothing until September.
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