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Cats can teleport

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I think cats have magical powers! They appear suddenly in places you believed were empty a moment ago. My boy Go is a pro. He is fond of grabbing my hand as I climb up the stairs holding on the railing. It's like he fell from the sky or something. At meal times he pops up right beside my feet after I've been calling his name and looking for him. I find an empty chair/sofa and am sitting down and suddenly I jump up because he took over the seat and I almost squashed him.
Do you have magic cats too?
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Annie can definitely teleport into whichever warm chair has just been vacated, as soon as it is empty.
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I thought it was only my cats! I swear that I walk down the hall to the bathroom and Circe is waiting for me there when I know she was just in the living room
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Oh, yes!! We call JC "Stealth Deetles" and "Ninja Kitty" when he does that. He appears just like a ghost - even can surprise the other cats His favorite is when he startles me enough that I jump or give a squeak then he flashes his tail & gives me a headbutt Other times, he "stomps" his paws - it sounds like a much bigger animal, although at 18lbs he has enough to work with
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Definately!! When I open the fridge, one of the cats appears out of nowhere, or when it's time to go to bed they teleport themselves into the bedroom even if I just made sure that they are all sleeping in the living room..
I don't get it, how do they do it?? There just isn't any other option than teleporting!
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To answer your question, YES YES YES! Siddha is MUCH more stealth-y than Bodhi. Bodhi tends to tromp around, but Siddha is very sly and sneaky and seems to apparate ALL the time . Sometimes I actually get really startled by Siddha because he is sooo quiet.
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Both Freya & Cotton are teleportation cats. It's creepy. Especially when he does it because he's such a clutz and a lug but all of asudden he'll just appear next to your head on the couch!
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Ellie not only teleports but can see through walls. Like I leave her asleep on the sofa to go and prepare lunch and however quiet I am, as I turn from the refrigerator there she is waiting and looking at the plate of ham I have taken out.
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Ah, yes! "The Cat Who Walks Through Walls" -- Fawn is particularly adept at this.
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Huh, teleportation... That would explain a lot

Wish they could teach me that trick. I'd love to be able to use it on rainy or snowy days to get to work.
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My kitties missed the teleportation lesson. They feel the need to be wherever I am. If I am sitting they want to be on my lap, laying down they want to be on top of me, and walking they are both weaving between my feet trying to trip me.

My Dad's cat Onyx can teleport. Usually he likes to miraculously appear on my dad's black desk chair (Onyx is black) between the time my dad starts to sit down and when his butt actually hits the seat...
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Bella has very specific teleportation skills. Even if I KNOW she is in the garage, the moment I start to make the bed, she is there, pouncing and killing the duvet
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Some years ago I heard the skitter of multiple cat feet and then a crash in the bathroom. When I checked there were no cats in there but the window was cracked. I looked around and all the cats were sound asleep except for one who was stretching and yawning as if waking from a nap.

Amazing critters, aren't they?
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We call that the kitty portal at our house. They can just appear out of nowhere like they've just stepped out of a dimensional door or something. It's definite kitty magic
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The cats will teleport into spots that another cat has just transported out of. It drives my husband nuts. One minute, Lucy is in a spot and the next, it's Carly.
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Yup Demi is unpredictable! Once she was about to steal something of the kitchen table I was standing up to throw a newspaper near her (she stopped being afraid of water for some reason).... I blinked and POOF! she's on a chair! Cats are magic.
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Absolutely! My cats appear at the oddest places, even when just a second ago those places were empty.
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