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licking suckling?

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my kitties have always liked to lick underarms but they didn't do it often.
for the last few weeks, Kaylee has started licking my arms, and elbows and sucking on my arm. She only does this when I am in bed and in the mornings.
Now i am not too concerned but sometimes it does hurt because she has a rough tongue.
But i am just concerned that she has just started this recently and she will be 4 in a few months.
Anyone got any advice? or can explain this odd behavior?
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mine stopped doing it after being kittens, and im glad! those tongues hurt
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lot's of cats will continue to do this into adulthood
cello likes to suckle earlobes. He obviously only does this while I'm laying down and it really is NOT comfortable, but he purrs so much that sometimes I let him do it, however if he starts and I just cover the area he stops immediately, so it's not 'really' a big probolem....
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hi Fwan

This is very normal for kittens. If the kitten stopped for a while and started, it could just be going through an affectionate stage! If however, it causes issues for you like skin irritations or is painful (I read one forum once of a lady where she was in agony from suckling gone mad). The best suggestion I can think of like this lady was advised is to put something that tastes horrible on the favourite spots. But not toxic. I cant remember what was advised for this, perhaps vinigar? Someone else might suggest that kitty do not like the taste of!

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