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After talking to Debby, I've decided that I love this place too much to leave.

Thank you Debby for being a true friend and helping me through everything. I love ya girl!

Also thank you to all the people who sent me PM to make sure I was okay and offer to help me in any way possible. Everyone here is such great people and friends. I love ya all!
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Glad to hear that you decided to stay after all. 'Welcome back' is in order I guess!:rainbow:
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I'm glad you've decided to stay too. Welcome back!
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Ditto! Welcome back!
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Cass! Hi!
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I am so glad you are staying!!!
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Yay!! Welcome back!
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I am so glad that you have decided to stay - you are a great asset to this site!
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Hola and welcome back!!
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Happy to see that you're staying! We'd miss you WAYYYYY too much Cass!
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I'm glad you decided to stay afterall!! YAY!!!!!
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