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cat sick

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My cat Tiki insisted on playing in the rain on Sat. The same day she met the new kitten for the first time. She hissed and growled for a while... Also the night was very chilly...

I woke up to her coughing/vomitting on Sunday morning - the stuff she vomitted was very little and watery. She sometimes does vomit when she is hungry and eats too fast - so I didn't think much of it. The watery vomit was different than usual though.

Later I notice she had a diarrhea - not much and not too bad but still not her normal poopy. She also didn't beg for food as she normall would around dinner time - just lying on the couch and slept, but did eat the treats and food I brought to her.

I am worried about her, with the holiday I don't know when we can get her to the vet. ER is expensive and the condition doesn't seem to be that serious. Wondering if someone can give an idea what might be wrong with her... Her eyes clear, no discharge, no running nose, the ears are not hot like having fever, no sneeze. Could this just be a simple cold? Or bad food? Or is it stress related because the new kitten? Or a combination? Is there some over the counter medication I can buy if it's cold? Thanks!
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Please get this cat to the ER and now! The fluid she is losing poses an immediate threat to her life. She needs subcutaneous fluids, and also antibiotics to clear up the infection. I understand that these type of calls are expensive, emergencies never occur when it is conveinent. Please do not hesitate, she is vomiting and has diarrhea, that is very very serious! If it was just food coming up, it could wait, it is liquid, that can't wait.

Please let us know the outcome-
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Thanks Hissy for the fast response. Actually I probaly described it wrong. She only vomitted out no more than a table spoon of watery food. And Same with the diarrhea. And vomit was in the AM just once, not sure when the diarrhea happened, but just once.

I saw her ate after she vomitted in the morning and that stayed down fine. I am not sure if she drank water or not. And she just ate wet food and dry food about 2 hours ago and she is fast asleep now. Do you still think this is urgent? I wonder if I should wake her up and force some water in her?

One thing I forgot to mention is that in the morning, my husband fed her a new food - IAMS catfish vs. her normal food - IAMS fish and rice. Wondering if allergy could have something to do with it.

If she vomits or have soft stool again tomorrow morning - ER is in order...
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Instead of forcing water in her- never a good plan- try to get her to drink some broth if you have it? If you have a dead chicken laying around, throw it in a pan of water and boil it, and give her the broth. Canned broth has too much salt in it, so don't give her that. Anytime a cat loses fluids it is worrisome, they can dehydrate very quickly. Keep an eye on her, and if you have anything around that is soupy, brothy and not heavy with salt- see if she will drink that for you.

Good luck, and thanks for easing my mind a bit. Not being there to see the cat, the weight, etc.. learning she was losing fluids out of both ends set my alarm bell off.
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Good idea Hissy. Since you wonder about the weight of the cat - she is 17 lb.
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Oh good! Less worried now, she has weight on her side. For some reason I thought she was a kitten.
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We do have a newly arrived kitten Tigger. Tiki and Tigger sniffed nose this morning before I realize Tiki is sick. I was worried about the kitten catching it - but so far he is perky and playful as usual and eating and drinking as normal too. I will keep them separate now that I know Tiki is not well. Thanks!
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Tiki (the 17 lb 2 year old cat) didn't eat or drink so far today - it's about noon east coast time. She did eat around 11 PM last night. This morning, she seems to want to eat, then smell her favorate wet food and ended up walking away. She is still very interested in going outside and explore, but since we don't let her today - she is mad and now just sleeping.

On the positive side - there is no vomit or diarrhea. She did use the litter box for urine once this morning. I made some chicken broth as Hissy suggested - she won't have any of it. I think the vet can see her tomorrow. Or should I get her to ER today?
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If you are taking her in tomorrow that is great, hopefully it will be a morning appointment. Just let her rest and keep an eye on her. Try dribbling tuna juice or sardine oil in her water. Float some ice cubes on top of her water, or put a waterproof ball in her dish to see if she is interested. Leave some water in your sink, just a little bit, or in your bathtub. Try to let her rest in a quiet dark place and let her regenerate herself.

I merged your two threads for you- Good luck. Post any updates here for us when you can.
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Just came back from Petco. One lady there suggested feeding her Pedialyte before the vet appt if she doesn't drink or eat. So I got some - is it safe to use for cat? Should I dilute it first?
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It is, but it has a taste to it that most cats don't like- because it is electrolyte building. I usually put some in wet food and make a gruel out of it, but you can try it straight. I have tried it, and can understand why some cats turn up their noses at it. But it is very beneficial and no, you don't dilute it.
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Tiki still looks bright eye and bush tailed, just plain refuses to eat or drink and a bit sluggish - we tried everything including sadine oil in water and cat milk. The lady at Petco said she had experience with cat being upset at new kitten and won't eat or drink.... wondering if that could be the case? I have to be out of town on business on Wed. I am so worried
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Have you tried zapping her wet food a few seconds in the microwave? If you can get her to eat wet food, she will be getting some moisture. Not a lot, but some- warming it up sometimes tempts a cat to eat when they normally won't.
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Yes I did

She was interested in cat nip for a few seconds, and when I sprinkled it on food and water, she still won't have it. I hope the vet can figure out what's wrong with her and have her start eating tomorrow before I leave for the week...
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