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Kittens are going to ruin the house

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So, my little grew up enough to leave thier room and to start investigate the house. They check everything if it's possible to breack it, or to shake it, or to drop it down. If not - so, preheps it could be tasty, so they have to bite it!
So they are running and jumping ang rocking and rolling!
They are everywhere!

And do you know what is the funny thing? That I do like it! I did everything to protect them and now I'm just looking at their plays!
Love them :love2:
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Helen, we've said for years, this is the cat's house, we just pay the bills and they let us live here.
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But you are educated and sage people And I'm just a beginner But I'll learn
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LOL! I've only got one and I'm worried! LOL! She just doesn't sit still! She's so cute but I'm keeping a close eye on her the first few days! (I just got her today, BTW . . . if you've seen my other posts . . . )
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Whenever I'd talk to my babies I'd say, "Why don't you guys go out and get a job so Mommy can stay home?" LOL Toes would make a good commercial cat.

Anyhow--I'd always clean up the house before I'd go on vacation or whatever and when I'd get back (be it 1, 2 days or a week) the house would be thrashed.
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Aren't they supposed to ruin a house?

Long live KittyDom!
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My Leo could have had a job if he would'nt have acted so silly. A lady that finds cats for ad agencies wanted him to do some print ads, but he was too skittish.
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I know what you mean! Grayski,who is a year,just last night knocked over my night stand at 4 Am!I woke up in a hurry,let me tell you!! Gotta love them!
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Helen, it sounds like you are doing just what you should be doing...enjoying your little ones! I have shared my home with cats for more than twenty years, and am still learning. Mary
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I know I'd be bored if I didn't have to straighten the pile of newspapers the kitten's been knocking over every day for the last three days. I'd have been even boreder if I didn't have to sweep up all those packing peanuts so the little foofer wouldn't eat them.

Wouldn't you be bored?
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I like grown up kitties all these kittens make me so nervous that they are going to hurt themselves!! They are sooo cute though
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Well, the other litter is on the way to help my sweetest to end what wasn't over yet
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Helen, enjoy it while it lasts!!! They grow up so fast! SO FAST!

Gary was absolutely thrilled the other day when he'd printed out his piece for the morning notes the night before, hadn't e-mailed the file to work because he'd wanted to make changes, then had computer problems the next morning.... and woke up to find his print-out shredded to bits by Tuxedo. He got to say "THE CAT ATE MY HOMEWORK!"

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