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Cat attacking other cat after Vet visit

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Hi there - we have two indoor bengal cats - one had to go the vet the other day for a few hours and then once home the younger cat is attacking him (not just gentle hissing or growling) - all out run, chase, attack, sratch, bite, fur flying attack. (one has claws the other when we adopted him had been declawed so there is a wee bit of an advantage/disadvantage there between them)

this is what we have done - with no changes...

seperated them - put litter, food, water and blanket in each room and every hour or so, went in rubbed a towel on one and transferred that towel and rubbed the other - and then after two hours, switched them in the rooms.

then bought HomeoPet Anxiety drops -and gave to both - no change.

then after an hour or so (after they had been seperated for 3-4 hours) let them out and now the cat that was attacked is now the instigator because he is soooo upset the other cat was attacking him to begin with.

seperated them again - gave them drops again - tried it again a few hours later - and same thing happened.

one slept with us last night and the other in basement - and today they have switched places while we are at work.

How do I go about intergrating them without them or I getting injured? How about buying a harness to control them when re-introducing them??

I was thinking about putting one in the kennel and letting them sniff each other...thoughts? But then I thought that would start the smell thing all over.

And will be adding a play toy underneath door so they both can play but not see each other...

Any other Suggestions?

and how long does this last. I have had two cats previous for 17 years and this never happened.

Signed: frustrated and exhausted and hopeful!
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This problem should only last for a short time. I wonder if the cats can sense you're anxious over their fighting? Sorry, I don't have any advice for you.
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All my cats go into a tizzy when somebody goes to the vet and comes home. It's because the cat who was at the vet smells different. Give it a little time and things will be back to normal.
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Hey there!!
I am currently going throught the same situation. One cat had surgery on Wednesday and upon arriving home from the vet that night the other cat attacked her, growling, hissing, hitting, just non stop!
I did everything you did and my advice to you is it will get better. It is day # 5 and they pretty much back to normal. Hang in there!!
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I have that issue whenever one of mine goes to the vet. It typically lasts several days. I always make sure that I have a brand new Feliway Diffuser at hand to try to help make the general environment smell happy and safe. I was a sceptic at first, but I think it does help.
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thanks for all the advice - think we really have tried everything - bought the Feliway diffuser and spray, - but no big changes.

And last night we put one cat in kennel, then both in the same room for a few hours. The one that was getting attacked is now the one hissing etc and that isn't improving!

Quiet honestly I am afraid to let it go to the next step because one has claws and the other doesn't!

gosh I am being such a mom

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My grandmas cat did this. One of her cats was at the vet for several days, and had surgery. When he came home the other cat (the evil one in my opinion!) she growled, hissed/swatted at Max for a good week. I think it had something to do with the way he smelled, cats can smell things beyound our senses and he was sick still, so she may have thought he wasnt him. She stopped after about a week or so. It just takes time, cats can be wierd like that! Hope this helps and I hope your cats get back to normal soon! Sending good vibes your way!
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