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Can cats be allergic to each other?

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Recently we've noticed both Bastet and Gozer sneezing. They dont have any other symptoms, just sneezing.

My BF is convinced they are allergic to each other. I think it may be some other allergen, as my allergies have been bothering me abit too... although my allergies did ease up abit after I changed sheets and swept the house (with a 6 week baby, household chores dont always get done as often as they should)

Or is sneezing a behavoir/ body language thing in cats? I know dogs will sneeze at each other as a friendly gesture. Gozer and Bastet are still working out who is the queen of the house.. everyone else has gotton used to Bastet.
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I've never noticed cats sneezing at each other in greeting - only if one sniffs the other and gets fur up it's nose.

Chances are that it is something environmental since you're being affected too. Dusting, cleaning carpets/floors, and furniture would help. But something else that people so commonly forget is the filters in their heat and air! If you have central get those filters changed out. Because we have pets the fur will plug them up a lot sooner than in a house without pets so the recommendations on when to change the will be different for us. Try it, it certainly can't hurt.
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I will mention something to my BF about checking the filter.. I dont know much about it.. we remodelded this house and had a brand new system put in, that has some kind of HEPA filter or something.. its suppossed to only need changed once a year or something like that. It could be that its time to change it... I didnt even think of that. I just thought it was odd that I was having allergies this time of year.. I actually kind of wondered if I had a mild allergy to the cats.. Bo was brought to this house around Christmas time, and then Bastet within the past few weeks.
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My dog is allergic to cat dander and I know dogs who are allergic to human dander...and some who are even allergic to dog dander...themselves! So I would say that yes, it IS probably possible for cats to be allergic to cat dander, although I would imagine that would be super rare.

I would be more inclined to think it's something else environmentally.
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