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Hmmmmm I wonder if my kittens are going to get long hair??

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Rich, my hubby, was just telling me that he thinks Granet and marble's daddy is a long hair kitty. He says he looks like a ragdoll but since he is outside wondering he is more then likly just a long hair cat. You guys that had long hair kitties, did they have long hair as kittens??
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Toes was just a little fuzzier than Tailer when they were babies. You couldn't really tell he was going to have longer hair until he was about 6 months or so--because then the kitten fuzz just didn't seem to be disappearing. It didn't really get long until he was about a year old, though.
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Luna is going to have long hair, and she is very fuzzy. She isn't very sleek, like my mom's Tonkinese kittens were; she's more of a fluff ball.
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We got Trent at 8 weeks old, and we could definitely tell he was going to be long haired.

Here's a couple pics of Trent just a couple days after we brought him home, so he was about 8-9 weeks old. Definitely long haired!

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Hoots was a fluffy kitten, then she shed her baby fur and and didnt have long fur at all for the first year. It was really quite short at first.
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Trent is adorable!

Hoots and Toes must be kind of similar. I'll see if I can find a picture of him as a kitten and another of him as a juvenile so you can see what I meant by him not really looking like he was going to have long hair. No one in my family could tell until he got older.
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aww what a cute kitten!!!

The sister lola that we found a home for is going to have long hair for sure. Granet's hair looks like it might end up being long but he just looks kinda fluffy right now. I guess i'll have to wait and see!

Hubby saw who he thinks is daddy cat the other day on top of a shelf at work. So he is going to try to trap him too we can just fix him and let him live outback or return him to the tile place.
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I can be mistaken but I'm sure it's possible to say if the kitten is long of horthair by two months... mine doesn't have hair at all
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My little Zues is 7 weeks old tomorrow, and he looks EXACTLY like Trent! His fur is very long! He has extra long hair in his ears, ear tufts, paw tufts and a really thick coat. Granet is probably going to be shorthaired. If you could get a picture of his face, I could tell you!
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Trent's baby pictures are just too cute!
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Oh My Gosh, Heidi... Trent is so dang cute! He looks like a very expressive kitty.

Does he have as much personality as it looks like he does?
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Val, your kittens look fluffy but it's so hard to tell.

Trent is such a cutie!! They grow up so fast.
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I hope he doesn't i'm normally allergic to long hair kitties!
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Your baby pictures are so sweet!!!

My Sara and Kornflake are both long hair. Sara was a fuzz ball from the get and Kornykornmuffin was just slightly fuzzy but his tail was puffy-for awhile we thought he was frightened all the time.
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We can tell in our Persian/Exotic litters who is going to be Persian & who's going to be S/h basically at birth
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My "kid" Patches is a longhaired cat... She sheds like crazy somedays.

Trent is a cutie Heidi
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