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I'm doing it!!!

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I can't believe it, but I'm finally enrolled in culinary school! I'm in their hospitality and restaraunt management program. I have no kitchen experience, so this is a career change for me as well as education. I'm so excited! We had our first week of classes last week, but it wasn't until Friday that I got my financial aid all in order and knew I'd be able to stay. I'm now "offically" enrolled! I still don't know how I'll pay for it, it's $345/month and I don't have a job yet. But at least I can work 20 hrs at min wage and still pay my school bills! This is like a dream come true, I love to cook and the program I'm in teaches me basically how to manage a restaraunt, whether it's my own or someone elses! I also get 3 months of culinary training, and I can always pick up the culinary classes I missed, or even go through the culinary arts program later! One of the students in my class just graduated from the culinary arts program, and now is taking the management program.

Each "term" is 6 weeks long. Next "term" I get to do wine studies! This term is a communications class and a computer class. The computer class is extremely boring, as that's where I come from. The communications class is very interesting and I'm learning a lot.
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Congratulations and best of luck! That is so awesome!!!!
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I also have wanted to go to go to culinary school. I would love to assist at a bed and breakfast place or start up my own. I love to cook and do great presentations with the meals.

Good luck and have fun!

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Oohh.. culinary school. I'd even love to take a few cooking courses to get a basic idea of cooking. Sounds like a lot of fun to me. Congratulations!
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Mracy, I wish you the best of luck!!! your new choice soudns wonderful!!
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So, when are you having us all over for dinner?

That is great that you are doing what you want!
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That's great Marcy!! Just be careful....when a friend of mine went through culinary school (he did the culinary arts, though) he gained quite a bit of weight. They were making such good food every day, and of course they couldn't just let it go to waste.
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Tell me about it! I can't afford to gain any weight, I'm a size 16/18 as it is! But we only get 1 meal/day in the program I'm in. And so far I've only found 1 day that I could really pig out. Each day is a different international cuisine, and they rotate through them every 3 weeks. I'm trying hard not to eat much before I go, and I don't eat a large meal when I get home, just a little soup or something similar, since I don't usually eat a whole lot at school.
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