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Which state has the least humidity?

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I told Steve it was California..I really don't know if that is true or not, but I have been there before and remember the dry heat and it was more standable than here in Arkansas....I posted the other day about Texas and living over there....well, now Steve is talking about living in Cananda!!! Is there humidity there? I know it is cold there almost all the time right?? are any of you from Canada? Steve is soo dead serious about moving there yall....I don't know about it though...what are your opinions on this? I just want us to make the right decision for us, but don't really know which is right or wrong?
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Probably the further north you go in Canada, the less likely for humidity.........but I don't know...I thought humidity was related to the water in the air and I am not sure how that works the further NORTH you go.

Michigan is ROTTON in the summer. If I had to take a guess at a state, I am voting for Arizona. HELLOOOO PHOENIX! I just love that dry heat. Las Vegas is the same way.
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I have beautiful hair there!!!!!
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I wouldn't go by state. I live in San Diego and when I first came here it felt like I was breathing water, I came from Colorado. Chicago is definitely humid and I would guess that any part of Canada near water is humid. Places like Banff are probably less humid, just like San Diego has humidity but not as much as San Francisco and less than San Bernadino.
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Arizona and Nevada are probably the least humid states.

Although, I have to put my vote in for Colorado as having the best weather all-around. It's a very mild climate, at least in the foothills. It's not humid, we don't get the extreme heat that Arizona and Nevada do, even in the winter we generally don't get extreme cold and when it does snow it's gone in a few days (except in the mountains, of course).
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Originally posted by Rock&Fluff'smom
....well, now Steve is talking about living in Cananda!!! Is there humidity there? I know it is cold there almost all the time right?? are any of you from Canada?, it's not cold here almost all the time! Actually, a large part of the US has colder winters than us here in Ontario. For humidity, we had the worst humid summer last year....I was personally dying! Average summer temperature is 80 - 85F.

And no, we don't travel by dog sleds or live in igloos either!

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Kass, you crack me up!
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Except for the summer rainy season (July and August), we have very low humidity, in southern AZ. From mid-May to mid-September, Tucson gets 100+ days. Tucson runs several degrees cooler than Phoenix and we don't have as many weirdos, either.

The housing market is good. Prices are low and so are interest rates. Depending upon what you do, jobs are available, too. We have lots of construction jobs and some tech support jobs. The company that I work for does tech support for Microsoft and Yahoo! I do customer service, for Chrysler Financial.
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Keep Pennsylvania out of your moving plans. It's a great place in many ways, but our summers can be miserable.

Kass, I used to get that cold weather thing when I lived in Michigan. I guess we get impressions about places from the TV, not always a good idea.
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And it sure as heck isn't Florida!
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Kass, when I lived in Wyoming we had to remind people that we didn't live in Teepees or ride horses to work. LOL Actually, sometimes Wyomingites foster that view on purpose. I know I had someone believing we rode Buffalo to school.

Wyoming and Colorado are both pretty dry, even in winter so the winters aren't that bad. Chicago was miserable for me in both winter and summer. San Francisco can get really humid, but there are parts of CA that are really dry too (remember it does border on Arizona and there's a big ol' desert out there). The last 2 times I drove through New Mexico it had a lot of moisture, but wasn't really humid (flooding in the summer and biggest snow storm ever in the winter). Any place it gets foggy is bound to be humid.
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I don't know what is LEAST humid, but I can tell you for sure that Georgia has got to be one of the 5 MOST humid states!!! Don't move here if you don't like frizzy hair during the summer!
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I'd have to agree with Bren. If you're looking for a low-humidity state, Pennsylvania is NOT the state you're looking for.
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Minnesota is close to Canada, but you wouldn't want to move here either because of our temperature extremes. I live in southern Minnesota, we have very high humidity during the summers, and our winters can be either short and mild, or very long and severe, with wind chills as low as 60 degrees below zero. If you are seriously thinking about moving, you might want to think about more than just the humidity.
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Depends on where in Canada you want to live. Toronto is very humid in the summer - kills my asthma. Cottage country (northern Ontario) is nice, but a lot of mosquitos. The west coast of Canada has more rain, but more temperate temperatures. Come live by me!
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California has fairly low humidity. I live in the Sacramento area and it ranges from 105 in the summer to 30 in the winter. We rarly get snow here and the air conditioning works to keep the heat out in summer. Plus we have lakes, rivers, and the ocean to swin in if it gets too bad.

Move out here! You will love it!
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Massachusetts is really humid in June, July ,and August.
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Originally posted by Russian Blue
And no, we don't travel by dog sleds or live in igloos either!

NO, thats us, the Icelanders that do that, I´ve heard! My igloo has 4 floors!

I lived in California (The Bay area) for almost a year and I really loved it, it was not at all to humit. Then on my way back home, I visited my relatives in Toronto, and boy-oh-boy...the heat was so thick I almost couldn´t walk through it, and hardly breath.

I took meterology (sp?) in the University, and I think I recall that climat on eastern coasts in continental areas were more humid and less humid on the western coasts.
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That's interesting, I never thought about it, but you're right, it does seem to get more humid as you travel eastward across the US. I can't say anything about other continents as the only other one I've been on was Europe and I only went North/South on it.
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It depends where in Canada you live. I live right smack dab in the middle of the country (right in the prairie provinces, close the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border), and most times our winters are very harsh on you (the whole-45C thing, plus a windchill and all that), but I lived on the East Coast for 6 months, and it was so warm there, with all the water and mountains and all. I brought my (then) boyfriend back home to Manitoba, and he was all scared he wouldn't be able to survive MB winters, but I just told him that you know, it's not like it goes from being +20C one day to -20C the next's gradual. The humidity sometimes gets to you, but it's not a constant thing really. There are a couple of weeks in the summer (July/August) that are really bad, but you get through it!

And to add a note onto Russian Blues "And no, we don't travel by dog sleds or live in igloos either!", we don't have "bullet proof windows" either! (the frost shields some ppl have on older cars).
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