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I am leaving!

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Yep- you read that right, I am leaving! It has been decided. Mike and I are just packing up and moving. We are leaving the house open and empty so that all the feral cats that come here after we go will have a great place to stay. There will be a team of paid workers to stay behind, to clean the litterboxes, feed the hundreds of cats, handle the vet care and keep the kitties happy. We are installing a big playground with a huge sandbox and toys will be placed in all the trees on the property. We are going to stock our creek with the best fish, so the cats can fish to their heart's content and will install waterproof cat condos outside, and have automatic feeders dole out the food in measured amounts. We are converting the two barns to a huge cat house putting a big cat fountain in the middle of the yard, and Mike and I are going on a much-needed 5 month vacation!

How are we pulling all this off? Well according to recent emails I have been chosen to be the recipient of 4.24 million dollars from South Africa, 5 million dollars from The Ivory Coast and 12.5 million dollars from Zimbabwae! I am SET for life! And if that falls through, I can buy a University Diploma for a prestigious, non-accredited university/ no test, no book learning AND I get it in 10 days!!!!

It has to be true, all of it!- my emails say so!
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I got the one from Nigeria. Mine says that I'm entitled to part of $30 million. I've got the cruise brochures and Neiman-Marcus catalog on order.
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MA! Don't scare us like that!

For a sec or two, I really thought you were leaving. Girl, you just crack me up! You come up with the funniest stuff at times MaryAnne!
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The saddest part about it, is there are people who actually believe these emails!
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Yeah it is sad. Look at all the con artists out there preying on the elderly trying to convince them they won millions.

Well, I'm glad to see that you didn't fall for them MA!
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When i first start reading I was like OH NO!!! and then as soon as I read team of paid workers...i start laughing
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Hi, my name is Carrie...and I am from Nigeria. My husband was killed and I am asking for your help to get out a trillion dollars out of a bank account.......can you help me?
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Believe it or not those African scams started a long time ago. Over 10 years ago I opened an envelope at my office with a Nigerian stamp and it was this exact same scan. I laugh every time I see them now becuase some of them have gotten quite creative:

Please excuse the embarrassing contact. You do not know us. Our names are Tomi and Teena. Our family was killed by government guerillas.....

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OMG! You had me worried there. sheeesh like that time I thought you were in jail
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You had me fooled for a second, MA! Up until the turning two barns into two huge cat houses!
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When I first started to read it I thought, OMG Hissys retiring! he he
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Hey Hissy, with all that cash, maybe you could spread some to your friends here at TCS?

Those scams are almost laughable, if some people weren't taken advantage of.
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I'm another one who was fooled. When I read the title of your thread I thought you were leaving TCS, and it scared me!!!

I know someone who gets a lot of regular junk mail from various places telling him he may be the winner of millions of dollars. He considers these mailings to be the absolute truth and SAVES all of them! Fortunately, this person isn't elderly...yet, and maybe he will wake up and face reality before it's too late.
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We get those Nigerian scam e-mails at work all of the time... It's just a waste of time opening them so I just hit the delete button. Mary Anne.. You scared me for a bit there
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I received something similiar through regular snail mail not so long ago. Can't believe postal mail, can't believe email... soon you'll tell me I can't believe everything I see on TV either!
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