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Not sure what is going on here?

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Bailey, one of my socialized ferals has suddenly decided, that I am better than a can of tuna. He has never been one to subscribe to the "I love you, you love me" notion. And although friendly, (meaning he doesn't flee in panic everytime I approached) he has never been loving- even though he is orange.

Lately he has begun coming in more and more to the house, sitting under my computer chair, or weaving in and out of my legs. When I bend down to pet him, he leaps up on my shoulder, crawls down my chest ...ouch...ouch...ouch and ends up on my lap.

When I stop petting him, he reaches out with his paw to swipe at me, until I resume. He is eating, drinking, and playing, and using the litter box- though he prefers outdoors. I do not think this is a health problem, I have searched all over his orangness for wounds or bites, or problems there are none. The only thing I could find- which was really wierd, is one of his back claws is completely gone? No wound, no heat, no sore no redness, just one claw has now vanished! If anyone can shed some light on this behavior I would appreciate it. I have chased all the avenues I know of to figure out what has happened and haven't a clue- Baily is 5 years old and of course, neutered.
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Mary Anne...this sounds almost exactly like what happened between me and my huge orange feral, Caruso.

Caruso would run from me whenever I came into the yard for the first 3 months after I trapped him for neutering. Then after another 3 months or so he would sit at the far side of the yard rather than running completely away. But then one day he saw me pick up Scooter and watched how much Scooter obviously loved being cuddled. The very next day Caruso walked right up to me and rubbed my legs. The day after that, I sat on the ground and he crawled into my lap and began purring up a storm. From that point on he follows me everywhere. In fact, this morning I was out in the rain spreading new grass seed onto some bare spots in the yard. Caruso stood out in the rain so he could be with me!

Anyway....that is a long-winded way of saying that perhaps this is a feral orange's way of getting to know you. Inspect at a distance for a while and then fall 100% completely in love with no warning at all.
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Have you been rolling around in catnip Have you changed perfumes, laundry soap, bathsoap, shampoo or anything like that? I have read the some cats are really really into certain scents. I can't remember them name of the products but there are certain items that cats just love the smell. If that is not the case it sounds like he just decided to fall in love with you. That is kind of what snowwhite did. She would get alittle friendlier..alittle friendlier...and then one day she loved us. It was really weired.

I hope that everything is okay with him and he just decided to love ya.
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Sorry the only scent I wear is horse and sweat- Not very attractive, but it's me!

He just wants to be loved. I guess I am concerned because he is my best mouser and last year he acted odd and when I finally got him caught and took him in they found undigested mousey pieces inside of him blocking him up. $280.00 later he was back home with stitches and a belly ache. I hope this isn't a repeat performance. I raised him from a bottle, but at one year old he decided freedom was best and left my lap for the outside. Now, it appears he just wants mom again.
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hope the little guy is okay!! Hopefully he is just in a loving mood

horse and sweet hmmm i smell like curve perfume and arm and hammer kitty litter
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I didn't realize that you had raised him as a kitten. That really IS odd. I hope he simply realized what he was missing out on and decided to come back for some good lovin'.
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It could be that he decided he wants some affection. Though if you think it is a problem, or behavior resulting in a problem perhaps a trip to the vet for a little check up wouldn't be such a bad idea? (someone on this board usually likes suggesting that ) Especially just to check up on his missing claw.
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My cat Howard seems like he will just explode if he doesn't get your love. He's a talker too, he makes little rolling chirp noises constantly to get your attention. Rubbing, rolling and pawing at you. He's not a lap cat so when I'm, say on the computer, he will alternate between tapping my leg while staring at me, and rubbing/rolling. Although he doesn't like it, occassionally he'll hop in to my lap for a pet. He never gets enough. Moreso with age. When I do pet him, he sheds profusely and if I scratch his back he makes weird muttering noises and sqeals. Almost like it hurts, or that it feels too good. I would imagine the later. Maybe he has itchy skin, I dunno. He was adopted from the Humane Society so I don't know his history other than he was "found in a factory."
And he's orange too. lol.

Here he is doing part of his routine:

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