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Bump / Lump

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I was just petting Mischief when I noticed that I felt a small bump on the right side of her neck, a little low from the ear. Checking the other side, I didn't notice the same thing. She continued laying on my lap purring contently while I felt at this bump, I was trying to see if it was below the skin or on the skin, but I can't see any redness or swelling on the skin so I am assuming that's its below. I asked my roommate and he said that he had felt it a week ago. When I press on the bump she doesn't seem to show any pain, she just looks at me.

I'll see what I can do about vets, it usually takes a week to get an appointment around here, but in the meantime anyone else have seen anything similar in their own cats?
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Wow, sorry about that. i hope you will get some concrete answers soon, especially from a vet.

Please keep us posted.

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All the vet offices were closed today because of Memorial Day, but I left messages around asking if there was a way to defer payments if it would cost more then $75 to check her out. I am really really really hoping that it is nothing serious. Mischief may not be the friendliest of cats, but she's mine and my heart would break if something was to take her away from me early - I expect her to be with me for at least another eight years!
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Any lumps or bumps on cats should be checked out. It could be a minor thing, but you want to rule out any sort of cancer. I would just try and get her in when they have an opening. I don't think I would call this an emergency, but you want to know very soon what it is.
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Yea, unfortuantly I worked all day that the vets were opened and none of them returned my calls that I left on Memorial Day. I will call tomorrow before I head to school.

I am beginning to wonder if it is some sort of infected swelling sore. I noticed that where the bump is at is the same place that Isis digs her claws in Mischief's neck, and before Mischief just sorta laid there like nothing. Now she seems to take it a whole lot more personally.
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