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eye discharge and sneezing? help!

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Hi, I adopted two kittens yesterday., Doobie and Weechee. There eyes are open but they both have a green discharge in the corners of there eyes. I started bathing there eyes and the kittens are a lot better today, but they have been sneezing also. I have a vet appointment in a weeks time but I'm concerned and not sure if this problem is an urgent one or not? Doobie and Weechee are my first kittens so I feel a bit unsure about what I should do? Any advice would be appreciated
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How old are the kittens? Are they sneezing a lot? If it were me, I would call the vet and let him know, and see if he could get them in sooner.
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Congratulations on your new kittens! How exciting.

We just got a new kitten, Charm, last Sunday (we've had her a whole week now). Anyhow...she had a lot of sneezing from the get go and even sounded like she would be trying to cough something up from time to time. Turns out she has an upper respitory infection (URI) which is basically a cold. I've posted and read previous posts on the subject and have been told GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) which you can get from a health food store (or online) is a big help. You are to add 2-3 drops in the wet food at each feeding and a few drops in the water doesn't hurt either.

Do a search for kitten colds and check out the advice given. I'm going to try it. We have another vet appt. Tuesday, but until then, the GSE can't hurt.

Good luck to you and your new little one's, Doobie and Weechee. I'd love to see pictures of them when they're feeling better. Sending Get Well Wishes your way.
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We had a sneezing "epidemic" here a few months back. (What else do you call it when there are 12 sneezing cats, LOL?). We got some grapefruit seed extract, and within 10 days, there was no more sneezing at all. We still add it all the time to their water.
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Thanks for the quick replies! The kittens are 6 weeks old, they haven't sneezed that frequently but with the sneezing plus the "booger" eyes I became worried. As soon as Doobie and Weechee are well I'll post a pic of them!
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Please get your kitties to the vet sooner than a week. URI can result in some serious problems if left untreated. There are so many variables about why the discharge is there, is it a virus? The vet should be able to determine, and start them on antibiotics and give you eye ointment for them. But a week is to long to wait.
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Hi and welcome!

i would raise your concerns to a vet ASAP.

i read about feline herpes virus - eye discharges, etc. Hopefully, yours is not the case.

Take care of yourself, and hugs for your furbabies!

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I too would recommend a trip to the vet. I have gone through the same thing and your kittys probably need a round of antibiotics to make sure they dont get any secondary infection from an upper respiritory infection. We had a hard time getting rid of it on my newest addition.
Hope they feel better soon! Mine was sneezing when I adopted him and within a few days he got much worse and finally the antibiotics did work but it took a while.
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Thanks for all your replies! I took Doobie and Weechee to the vet this morning and there both fine! The Vet said that they are healthy and to go back if any further problems. My mind is at ease!
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