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Sunday's DT

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Good morning everyone.
My grandson spent the night and at 8.00 this morning he woke us up with cereal & coffee! Not that I wanted to get up at 8,but he was so proud of himself!He'7.
Ted & I are getting ready to paint the in side of our house.I still am trying to decide on color shades.I know what colors I want,just trying to decide on the shade's.I got the little color card and have taped them on the walls,trying to see what it might look like. Today we are going to patch the nail holes.
Well take care and have a safe weekend!
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Aww what a sweet boy your grandson is!

We were in Baltimore all day yesterday at a science fiction convention. Got home around 7 PM and promptly went to bed, as we were up since 5 AM. Woke up at 11 AM! Wow, that was a lot of sleep!!! The cats of course were thrilled that we stayed in bede so long!

Tillie is coming along fine, she still hides from the other cats, but comes up to us on her own looking to be pet, lets us pick her up without a problem, and actually purred yesterday!!!
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Today we're going back to Petco. I bought 4 new fish but only 3 made it home. I kinda thought that was going to happen since the zit faced dumb-a$$ kid ripped all the plants in the tank out and was swriling the net around to caught the fish. I asked for another clerk, but it was to late for the little one.

Yesterday ew spent more than $50, I hate to go back so soon. But they have Spongebob tank stuff.

The kittys got new feather sticks, mouseys, cat-nip, fur-things they chew and chase, and I was checking out a pink harness and leash for Licorice. He was so made at me he just had this look: like wait till your asleep but I thought he should have pink, I mean he really is physilly a girl......I guess all parents go through this.

Have a sunny Sunday it's raining here.
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Not much is going on here today. I really need to clean, but I'm just not in the mood for it. But...I've gotta do it! I need to clean the kids' litter boxes out today, then clean my bedroom, clean the kitchen, then clean out my car (if you looked at it you would have thought I lived in it!) and then wash that beast! Plus, I need to do this all before 4 o'clock this afternoon. The race is coming on then and HAVE to watch it!

So, I better get my lazy butt in gear and get started. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
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The dogs woke me up, at 5:15. Don't they know that its the weekend? Need to reset their bladders to weekend time.

May do some more packing today. I really don't want to do this. My desk is actually clean and Opie has picked a new place to sleep. I'm dreading taking it apart, to move it. Hopefully, it won't have to come completely undone.
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GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!!!!!! Guess what!!!!! My baby is home!!!!!
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Congrats, Viva! And welcome home, Luna!!!!!
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