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PO'd pussycat

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Opie has decided that he doesn't like Buddy. I don't know if its a "guy thing" or a phase. Opie hisses, growls and smacks Buddy. Of course, Buddy gives as good, as he gets. Opie is always the instigator, though.

Buddy likes to hang out under the monitor shelf, on my desk. Opie likes the windowsill, above the desk. Last night, Opie jumped down and was going after Buddy. Needless to say, I did not want a wrestling match on my desk.

I grabbed Opie and put him on the floor. He called me a dirty name and was SO PO'd, that he ran into the living room and started clawing the carpet. This got him spritzed. He spent the rest of the night, pouting on the back of the sofa. He finally decided to make up. When I flopped on the sofa, to go to sleep, he came up and licked my nose.

Things are peaceful right now. Buddy is under the monitor and Opie is on top of it.
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Awwwwwwww, maybe he is just PMS'ing???
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Are they both snipped? ---I guess you can only have one Alphamale in the house and it sounds like you have 2.
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Oh, yeah - EVERYBODY gets fixed, at our house! I think that Opie just has a hair crossways. I'm sure that they're picking up on my emotional state, too. Rowdy has been wandering around, yowling and being very affectionate. They know that something's up.
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That's like when my Mom broke up Tailer and Joy. She heard a hiss and came running into the bedroom and found Tailer and Joy standing about 6 inches apart hissing with hair standing on end. Toes then came running into the room and got himself between the 2 girls, quickly decided that was the wrong place to be and slunk out backwards. Then my Mom grabbed Tailer (she was closest) and dumped her on the bed. Joy is my Mom's cat and Joy was pissed at my Mom for 3 days because she thought my Mom had taken Tailer's side.
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Stress stinks
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Thats just like when Patches and Tiger have their slap fights with their paws and chase each other too.
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Have you tried the perfume or vanilla trick? To make them smell the same? I've heard that can sometimes work.
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