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Cats don´t like water? Pics

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my Marjorie is a mermaid . If you want to see more pictures of her
bath look here: http://home.arcor.de/diosa/dusche.htm
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What a silly girl.Marjorie has a frankstein leg like my Prudence-the back w/the colors.

I leave the water in the bathroom trinkling because Wieland would only drink out of there, even though he's not here I still leave it on for him. Yesterday I saw Korny and Sara and Maple in there splashing at the drips......what dripheads
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LOL funny ones . What is a frankenstein leg?
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Oh I see what you mean, no she has definitly 4 healthy legs .
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I can't believe she's in the water! LOL She looks like she's having a great time, though.
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She dont mind getting her feet wet. Looks like fun to me.
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She did like it was hard to get her off
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She is so cute! I may have to try that out, but I am sure I won't have as much success as you though..
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When I first got Toes he'd get into the bathtub with me. Now he just sits on the edge of the bathtub. Tailer is scared to death of water.

I never got any pictures, though.
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Too cute!!! :

Of my three kitties, Venus is the one that does not mind water the most.

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What a pretty girl!
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Heh last time I took a bath here, Jorin decided he wanted to lay on my chest, but not get wet... He climbed off the side of the tub onto my chest, avoiding the water, although he ended up with a wet tail because he didn't watch where he put it
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How adorable! I tried showing Spike the pictures of Marjorie in the water to prove to him that water will NOT kill him. He still doesn't believe me.
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Thats so cute!!!
you wont catch mine doing that!!!
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A frankistein leg is one with all different colors on it, not like she doesn't have a leg. Just a leg that was attatched with many parts. Prudence is a calico and that one whole leg has all her colors--so it was patched together like frankistien was.
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Wow, that is remarkable. I've never seen a cat take to water like that!!
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Cute pics, but I hope she didn't go from there right into the kitty litter!
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